Moving Now

Well, I'm working on moving. It's terrible, though, because my room's in a distant part of the house and I was basically the only one who went in there. So, I had very little inspiration to clean it and keep it neat. It's not really looking much better, but I have a lot of garbage I've cleared out. It's gonna take a while longer, I think.

Last Day of 1888

OK, so it's not 1888, the title refers to a song by Kids In The Way.

But today is my last day of work, and right now I'm in the middle of it. Actually, the phones have been decently quiet today, so it's not too hectic. I just wish they didn't have everything so locked down - if their systems were more accomodating, I could work on websites while I'm here.

Get Out!

Last night while talking with a few friends we talked about what the Enemy has been doing in our life. We're starting to read a series of talks about the Devil and how to recognize him. It's interesting. (Yeah, you can call him V-v-You-Know-Who if you like.)

I was thinking about how much of my problems I attribute to the interference of Satan. I don't think I do very often. Sometimes I just say it's a bad day, sometimes I just think I'm stupid. But rarely do I think, "it's the devl interfering."

Brother Roger Killed

I don't know if most news sources have been picking this up, but I learned from Jon's blog that the current leader of Taizé was stabbed to death. For those who do not know, Taizé is a community in France that focuses on prayer and meditation. During my years in the St. Thomas choir, we took part in a number of prayers and songs that were based on the Taizé way, and they were great.

A Crazy Fall

This fall is shaping up to be a crazy one for me. As of today, not only am I moving into a house by the University that will probably have 20 other guys in it, but I'm also starting a new job in a couple weeks.

A Milestone!

According to my WordPress blogging software, this is the 100th post since I started this in February.

Wait? Does mean I should say "blog" 100 times?

blog blog blog BLOG bLOG blog blog blog blog blog...

That would only be fun if I created a little program to randomize the capitalizatino of the letters. And I'm not going too. At least I'm celebrating this momentus occasion by spinning Andy Hunter's Exodus on my new iPod!

Darn Minneapolis

I used to say St. Paul is much better than Minneapolis. But I can't say that much longer, I guess. I now work in Minneapolis. In a month I'm gonna be living in Minneapolis. Minneapolis has better public transportation than the west side of St. Paul. Oh well, goodbye St. Paul! I still love you!

It's Overdue

Wow, it's been a long while since I've posted on my blog. But nothing amazing has happened yet. The decision to move is still pending although it's looking more and more definite. The couple days off of work to go to the Sonshine Festival was fun. And I'm finally doing stuff at work instead of just sitting around doing training. Ohh, and on the hottest day of the year so far, the air conditioning at the place I live decided to stop working. Good thing I'm at work where it's still cool.

Thinking of Moving

Now that I have this job, I'm thinking about moving to a place that's closer to work. Most places closer to work are much easier to get to work as well, and that's one main reason I'm thinking of moving.

Today I talked to a friend who is renting out space in a frat house in the University campus area. It'd be a lot closer to work, and about half the people that will be living in the house I already know. And the other half that I don't know is not at all the problem.

Congrats To Me!

Well, it seems I have a job!

Next week I start at a local banking establishment doing over-the-phone technical support for their employees. It pays well but has some odd hours. I'm gonna have to learn to get up early really fast.

In other amazing news, since then I've talked to a couple other companies about a job too. It seem that, when it rains, it pours.