There's An Angel By Your Hospital Bed

Michael is doing well. Some close friends of the family have put up a webpage to keep us updated of his progress, so if you're so inclined, check it out.

I spent last night at the hospital with Jeanette and David, his siblings. It was great o be with them and a powerful experience to be praying for my brother in Christ. With our prayers, Michael is doing such a great job, and it has been great to see him respond to us in very limited ways over the last day or two.

Show Your Power, O Lord, Our God

Please pray for my roomate of last year, Michael, and his parents. MIchael and his friend David are in the ICU after being broadsided by a bus on Tuesday afternoon. We spent all of this evening praying at the hospital, and both need your prayers. If Michael does not respond to us within the next day, it could mean his dying or some irreversable brain damage. Please pray that God would heal them both completely.

Where My Freaks At?

Well, most of you know that I moved into a new house with 13 other guys about a month ago. It's a lot of fun. And to show you just a small snapshot of our life together, I'm gonna throw up a couple photos. Here goes:

This Jesus Thing... It's Packaged Right

White Rock Smoothie PhotoWhy the heck are smoothies so expensive?

I swear, you can buy the most expensive meal deal at Taco Bell or McDonalds and still be cheaper than a medium-sized smoothie. Just because we want something modestly healthy means we have to pay more than any human should be asked to pay for sustenance.

It's Good To Know That You Fail Sometimes

Most of my post titles are lyric quotes from a song. Leave a comment and try to guess what song I was thinking of/listening to when I wrote this post. is not living up to my lofty expectations. Right now I need two things, and I can't find exactly what I'm looking for at the mecca of everything. (At least, not through their own store, their affiliate stores have it all.)

Keep Dancin' 'Til the Break of Dawn

So, you want to know what life in the very center of the University of Minnesota campus is like? Check out my roomate TJ's new poem, Funnel Rises. It's a great reflection on the party atmosphere in the area.

I Ain't Too Soft To Say It, Even If DJs Don't Play It

So, I was answering the phone at work. I took the person's name and company, and then I forwarded her to someobdy who had all the answers.

Apparently she claimed that I have a "good voice for radio." I think that's cool to know, especially since I'm thinking more and more about podcasting. Of course, the person on the phone only works at an auto glass company, so I dunno how she knows that I have a radio voice.

I Can See Clearly Now, The Rain Is Gone

OK, well, mabye not. My glasses are a bit scratched.

I did schedule an eye doctor appointment though. But since my doctor's booked out into oblivion, it's not until December 13th.

That's what happens when you have one of the top doctors in the area. (Or, at least I think my parents bothered to get me a good eye doctor.)

Your Prayers Needed

We need to be praying for all thos poor people in Louisiana.

It seems that, since I've been almost devoid of news for at least the last week, that I didn't know something really big was going on. It's only really just hit me now.

It's just a crazy scene. I don't know when, if ever, my friend Bill will be back there. I hope everybody in Shreveport is doing well too.

Keep everybody in your prayers. They need it.

Moving and Work

Well, how does it all go? It goes like this:

I didn't get all the stuff packed yesterday, so I'm gonna have to go back again tonight. we moved my bunk bed, but it's not set up yet because there's a rather bad leak in the room I'm gonna hang out in. Besides the 13 guys that I'm living with, this large frat house will have another 8-10 people who are renting a room, and most of them move in a day or two from now.