Why Can't The World Be Simpler?

I've realized a very important thing about this whole job search.

One of my problems is that I'm not very good at selling myself. And I'm not sure... I might like it that way. I'm pretty sick of telling everyone I'm the perfect man for the job when everybody knows I'm not.

Ohhh, The Conflict!

On one hand, I may have a job soon. I'm really dying for a job... I'm getting burned out on the working on my own thing. I long for hanging out with some people.

On the other hand, a number of people are knocking on my door asking for me to do their website. I guess that's a good thing, because it means that if I don't have a job in the near future I'll have some money coming in.

Chipotle Goodness

I hung out on Friday with my friend John, and he gave me another cool T-shirt for my birthday. (My, my... will the birthday gifts ever stop?)

Unfortunately, a simple Google search didn't find me a good photo. So I'll explain it. It's white. On the front, in the middle, it has their typical aluminum foil-wrapped burrito with the words "EMPTY" written under it. On the back, the foil's all crushed into a ball and it says "FULL".

Heck yeah. I love it.

I Made It

Some might think it impossible, but I did it. I walked through the whole Ikea store without buying a single thing. (Well, I almost bought a Mountain Dew at a pop machine on the way out, but I didn't have a $1 bill on me.)

Oh Yeah, I Forgot...

Yeah, I'm published! Yeah, that's my opinion letter in the St. Paul, MN newspaper.

EDIT: The site no longer has the content, and I don't really have a digital copy of their edited content anymore, but this is the full e-mail I sent them. I think they did edit it down a bit for their Opinion section.

A Heat Wave

Right now it's 67°! I'm wearing shorts and the window is open. And it's March in Minnesota!

My dad was in Arizona last week and he said there were a couple days there that were colder than today.

It's almost too warm for me.

Honorable Mention

I hate doing this, because it sounds like i'm asking for something.... but this past Friday was my birthday. There, now I can get on with my story....

(We interrupt this story to remind you that Dan always accepts presents! Please check the links on the right for my wishlist and more. ;-) )

More Incredible Stuff

Earlier this week I got The Incredibles on DVD, and that was cool. But my sisters just gave me for my birthday a really cool T-Shirt!

The Incredibles Shirt

Yes, now even I look like a super! How cool is that! I would say thanks again to my sisters, but they don't read this anyways. ;-)

btw, I stole that picture from eBay, it's not my picture.

Ahhh, Snow...

Finally, we have the second decent snowstorm of the year. Not as big as two months ago here, but at least it's been snowing decently all day and we have some snow on the ground.

I watched my new The Incredibles DVD special features last night... very nice stuff.

An Incredible Week

This past week was kinda ho-hum. I didn't get too much productive done, but it wasn't just a waste either.

But this next week is gonna be amazing. First of all, Thursday's St. Patrick's Day. Hopefully that means at least a glass of Guinness. Second of all, I'm going to hang out with my family a bunch and my sister is going to be in her senior play.