I Walk The Line

An article I found in today's local news site was about a student who spoke out for his faith. I definitely urge you to read this badly-written, biased story.

What's wrong with it? Well, it seems to propose what Ben Kessler said was wrong. It only mentions people who were disgruntled with his statement. Was Ben Kessler the only one who has these opinions? Hardly.

Take A Look Again, I'm Running

Yesterday I was very glad to hear that a good friend of mine, Michael Z., is planning on going to the U of M (not Michigan, you sillies!). Oh wait, that is, if he doesn't join a Socialist friend in Uganda, apparently.

The reason I'm excited about it is because he will be living closer to my place of residence. Therefore, hopefully we can hang out and watch movies more often. He can come over for dinner more often too. That'll be awesome because I miss him. And he's had a hard year, so I'm glad he's feeling ready to go to college.

When I'm Open Wide With Nothing Left To Cling To

This is killing me.

My iPod hasn't worked for the last two or three weeks and now my computer seems to be having problems now too.

What's going on? Please pray that things start working here soon or God tells me what he's trying to say. My time to work on projects such as is limited enough without spending all that time on fixing my iPod.

After All This Has Passed, I Still Will Remain

Here's a quick blog post.

My iPod wasn't working all week. I don't know what was the problem, but I think Windows decided not to play nice with Apple this week.

In less than an hour last night I launched a website: I got to go out for drinks afterward too. (It looked cooler, but we had to scale the site back a bit this morning.)

Lets Find Out The Beauty of Seeing Things Through

I recently picked up the latest from Sara Groves, and one line really struck me:

Loving a person just the way they are
It's no small thing

The Factory Is Gonna Catch Fire

Some of my favorite things from GMA week so far have not been great events, but how God is working in the lives of close friends.

Plane To The Down South

So, y'all, you won't see me the next week at my usual haunt here. That's because this week is GMA Music Week 2006. That's right, it's time for tons of interviews, showcases, and networking. For what? Of course, it's the impending release of, which will probably be here anyday.

Where We Can Play Football

Well, yesterday I went to see the house that I'm living in starting in September. It was cool. Right now, it looks like a bunch of drunk college guys live there, so it's not fun to look at. But, next year, it'll be great. It's a bit smaller, but it will still be tons of room to work with. The location isn't as good for public transportation, but I can live with another 10-15 minutes to get home.

Do Not Tell Me What I Can And Cannot Do

You know it's the first day of spring in Minnesota when:

  • It's about 22 degrees (Farenheight) on a Monday night.
  • When hungry, we still went for McDonald's soft serve ice cream.
  • We still loved it while walking home.

It was great.

(I don't know why I keep telling these types of stories. Maybe I think I'm crazy. Maybe I think I can take it better than you. Or maybe it's just too cold to think sane.)

Like A Million Parachutes

University of St. Thomas Chapel Winter Photo