Stop The Music

A small tragedy almost happened yesterday. I left my earbuds in the car that I rode to work in, and if you ride the bus, you know that riding home on the bus without music or something to read can be really dull.

Thankfully, my good friend Mike took the time out of his afternoon to bring my earbuds by. It was great to have stuff to listen to, and it was a great but small way to show his friendship.

A Large Construction Sign

So just now I upgraded to the latest version of WordPress (version 2.0). So far, it's looking like a great improvement even though I haven't dug into it very far.

The downside was that I just noticed that my custom theme had a couple incompatibilities. So, I just set it back to the default theme. Hopefully, it means I'll come up with an even cooler theme for my blog. Maybe after Christmas it'll really start looking good (and original)!

Might Be Rockin' The NYC

OK, so I'm not going to be in New York anytime soon.

But, hopefully you'll hear from me on the road more often. You see, this
is my first post via e-mail from my cell. And I hope to be blogging while
away from my computer more often.

So here's to keeping y'all more informed!

Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel Shall Come Again

Today I'm playing some of my favrite Christmas tunes. Of course, they're off one of my favorite albums, Your King Has Come. It's all the best independent folk artists in a beautiful project. Apparently you can only get it from the official site, but it's worth it.

This Is My Theme From Summer

So what am I thankful for this Thanksgiving?

The Things You Said Seem To Find Their Way Back Into My Head

Life. It's amazing, but it's tough.

This afternoon some very important people in my life hit me over the head with a two-by-four. It's a shame they had to do it, but all too often I need a kick in the ass to get me moving. Thanks, Lord, for letting them do it in a very kind and generous way.

'Cause I'm A Travelin' Man

Dang, I forgot about how much your muscles like to hurt after working out. (Well, at least the first couple weeks after not working out for a long time.)

Today a new runway opened at the airport. I checked it out during lunch... the planes weren't that loud outside and our building is soundproofed.

An hour later, a bunch of large planes came by that sounded fairly loud inside my building. Those were the ones I was trying to see on lunch break! Just now, about two came overhead in two minutes.

You Know What To Do, Hey You Just...

So, today I did it. I got up and did the PT. It was glorious.

Alright, I got it! For inspiration to keep workin' on PT, I offer the music video for "Move". It's truly inspirational. I love that M. Night-style twist towards the end there too.

Why Is It, My Man?

I just think it's funny that when I talk about life or computers or something, I get somebody to comment. But when I talk about music or things like that, probably nobody reads it.

Of course, I know why. I listen to a sector of music that not many people listen to, at least not you guys. I have some friends who write for who like similar music, but if they do visit this blog, they're pretty quiet.

I'm still thinking of making a change in that area. We'll see if the podcast actually happens, but I sure hope it does.

So Take A Photograph If You're Wanting This To Last

NIck and Mike on Daly DepictionsAnother new link to my blogroll is for Kevin's Daly Depictions. Kevin's one of my many roomates and he does lots of cool stuff with his camera. So of course I hooked him up with his very own photo blog via the open-source PixelPost. It's funky, and Kevin has many cool photos.