Live Music and More

Well, it's been days and days, so what have I been up to?

Hmmm..... not too much, actually. For lack of much more to do, I'm just waitin' to see if that interview develops something.

Last night I went to a show at Club 3 Degrees where my friends Hugh and Andy were playing. It was pretty cool. The band definitely has room to get better, but they were pretty good. Plus, there were cool friends to hang out with and some of the other musicians weren't too bad.

da Interview

Today I spent a couple ours at NextNet Wireless. They're a rather new technology company that is working on some of the hottest stuff in the industry now: wireless Internet access. Their product allows users to get wireless internet anywhere within 30 miles of a base station that's connected to the net. The speeds can be really fast, depending on how fast the ISP will let you go. Their product is starting to be used by tons of companies, so it would be a great company to get into.

I'm Addicted

Most people have addictions to coffee or smoking or something. My dad is addicted to Diet Pepsi and my mom is addicted to that cheap instant coffee stuff. And then, there's all those that are addicted to alcohol.

But I'm addicted to Chipotle. That's right, just about once per week I need to stop over to the local mexican grill spot and get my burrito fix. It's probably not the cheapest addictions in the world, but it tastes good and it fills me up.

A Great Experience

Whew! Dinner's finally over! OK, so dinner was at least over by 8pm, but now it's 10:30. There were a couple guests over, but we spent all of the last three and a half hours around the dinner table telling stories. It was great to just hear about somebody else's life and stuff. Of course, most of them were talking about when they were my age (and all of these people were my age around 1970). But it was great to hear stories.

Well, That's That

Earlier this afternoon I had an interview. I don't exactly know how it went, but at only 30 minutes it seemed kinda short.

Oh well, I trust that I'll get the right thing at the right time. I tried my best, and if this job doesn't work out, it won't be the end of the world. (Well, the end of the world might come, but it won't be because of my job interview.)

Job Prospects

Well, either the market for IT jobs is picking up or God is finally saying it's time for me to get a job. ;-)

Yesterday I was told from a friend that works at a local tech company that I will be getting an interview with them. He should know, because his cousin is the HR guy in charge. Plus, I feel I have a chance because a couple other people that I know work there. The best part is that they're developing the latest wireless internet technology, so it's a good industry to be in.