da Interview

Today I spent a couple ours at NextNet Wireless. They're a rather new technology company that is working on some of the hottest stuff in the industry now: wireless Internet access. Their product allows users to get wireless internet anywhere within 30 miles of a base station that's connected to the net. The speeds can be really fast, depending on how fast the ISP will let you go. Their product is starting to be used by tons of companies, so it would be a great company to get into.

Although I had the distinct feeling that I had very little experience in the fields of networking or wireless, I feel the interviews went well. I got to talk to a number of people who work there, and they were all very nice and had great discussions. I learned a lot more about their company and technology. I put my best foot forward and really am interested in proving that I can learn the things they need me to know for this position.

As an aside, you'd think in a high school class of 42 students I could remember everybody's names. But it took me almost two days of thinking of the name "Sarah Klein" to even get a mental picture of one of the Trinity School Class of 2000. Shows you how much I hang out with my high school classmates.

So I hope this job thing goes well. I know some people who work there so it would be ideal to start my career there. Plus it would stretch my skills significantly. So please pray that they make a good decision. ;-)


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