Now It Begins

I leave now to go to my sister's high school graduation. Congrats, Lisa!

And very soon after we start the 30 hour marathon of Graduation Parties. If there's a time in the year when I eat too much food, this is it. But it's all so great. I wonder if I can make 20 parties this year, because mom and dad always talk too long at every party.

Gotta Go

I have a headache and a sudden craving for Mountain Dew.

I gotta run to the store.

Geek Speak

Hey all,

I know most of your who read this are not generally as geeky as me, and that's why I've kept most of my Geek posts pretty un-technical. But that may change in the future.

I Shouldn't Go To Wal-Mart

It seems like a deal. But it's a siphon of money. For example, today I decided to go there because I needed some socks and underwear. Wal-Mart is a good place to go for such things, becuase it don't matter if they're cheap, ya know? While I was there, I picked up a big stick of deodorant because the local convenience stores only stock the small sticks. So all that was productive.


Darn it! I just found out that the exact same time that Eisley and Lovedrug are coming to town is when my sister's graduation party is!

I can't miss her party, so I guess I'll have to miss the show I most wanted to go to this year. That sucks.

Oprah, You Were Wrong

Andy Osenga, one of my favorite independent musicians, recently posted this article in his blog. All I have to say is, I knew Oprah was evil!

Another Day, Another Waste

Crap. I need to do stuff. Seriously.

Right now I have no official projects going, but I need to keep working. This week I've basically done hardly anything. I applied for one job and updated, that's mostly it.

It's a downward spiral that I need to get out of. Although... I did have lots of fun reading The Hitchiker's Guide To The Galaxy. Douglas Adams was a genius.

Oh yeah, and I got to hang out with my University of St. Thomas friends who I hadn't seen in most of a year. That was tons of fun.

New Pope!

Well, we have a new Pope. Pope Benedict XVI.

Although I would have been fine with a non-European, I'm glad they chose somebody who's not going to bow down to the pressures of today's immoral society. Not that the church would ever do that, but it's good to have a strong leader.

It would have been great to have a African or South American Pope... those are the places where the Roman Catholic Church is really working right now. Plus, it would show those darn Europeans that you have to believe in the church to have a European Pope!

Yes! Ireland!

I saw this on a number of other person's sites, so I had to try it:

Your Inner European is Irish!Spirited and boisterous!You drink everyone under the table.

Who's Your Inner European?

Well, it's not really true. I enjoy a good drink, but I don't ever drink everyone under the table. It's mostly the rest of Ireland.

Today's Adventure

This morning I biked downtown. It was fun biking down there, becuase I got to go downhill most of the way and along the river so it looked nice. The green's starting to come back too, so it was looking pretty good.