I Shouldn't Go To Wal-Mart

It seems like a deal. But it's a siphon of money. For example, today I decided to go there because I needed some socks and underwear. Wal-Mart is a good place to go for such things, becuase it don't matter if they're cheap, ya know? While I was there, I picked up a big stick of deodorant because the local convenience stores only stock the small sticks. So all that was productive.

Then, my mistake was heading over to the electronics section. (That's where I used to hang out when I lived in small-town Hastings, but now it's not a good idea because I can get much better selection at Best Buy.) And, actually, they do have some good buys. Nobody else has Grand Theft Auto III for $10, but good thing I don't have a graphics card for my computer. But they do have cheap DVDs.

I left with four DVDs at $5 each. If you try to get these at places like Target or Best Buy, these are usually $10, so it was a good deal. But I probably shouldn't do it, because I really have no money right now. Sadly, that somehow doesn't stop me when it's that cheap. For the record, I picked up the comedies What About Bob?, The Three Amigos, and Rush Hour, which are all good buys. The one I'm not sure about is the rather wacky drama Vanilla Sky starring Tom Cruise. I've only seen it once, but I did enjoy it, but it's another one of those movies in my collection I'll probably get crap for.




I will not give you crap for Vanilla Sky. I rather enjoyed it. It was nice to see Tom Cruise step outside his normal venue (which is in part why I enjoyed Minority Report so much). The only one I would possibly give you crap for is Rush Hour, which I only own because I got it for free. It's still humorous, though, so I won't do to much to you ;-)


lo, thanks Jack. Actually, I enjoyed Rush Hour 2 more because the action and sets are even bigger. But Rush Hour is fun.

It is nice that over the last 5 or 6 years Tom Cruise took a couple chances to step out of his "I'm an action movie star who plays a hard ass" typecasting. And Vanilla Sky and Minority Report are both good examples.

I used to hate Cruise because he always played the hard ass and I just thought he was mean. But then after watching masterpieces like Rain Man and A Few Good Men I came to enjoy his typical role. My favorite Tom Cruise movie is the first Mission: Impossible though. I'm waiting for the inevitable special edition.

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