Moving and Work

Well, how does it all go? It goes like this:

I didn't get all the stuff packed yesterday, so I'm gonna have to go back again tonight. we moved my bunk bed, but it's not set up yet because there's a rather bad leak in the room I'm gonna hang out in. Besides the 13 guys that I'm living with, this large frat house will have another 8-10 people who are renting a room, and most of them move in a day or two from now.

This place is going to take a bit to get used to. The place is pretty big and could use a whole bunch of cleaning up in almost every area. So it should give us a bunch of work to do for the next couple weeks. The place is right in the middle of the U of M and should be quite an amazing throwback to my partying (or lack thereof) days at St. Thomas. One of my roommates was complaining about one of the renters blaring their speakers really loud, and I said, "Get used to it. This is college life."

Switching over to work life, it's been amazing. The only problem is that, this afternoon, I have to start actually working. I didn't do that much real work for the first couple days, I just sat in meetings and got to know everybody. This company should be a great fit for me, I believe, and I hope it works well for a number of years to come.


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