Get Out!

Last night while talking with a few friends we talked about what the Enemy has been doing in our life. We're starting to read a series of talks about the Devil and how to recognize him. It's interesting. (Yeah, you can call him V-v-You-Know-Who if you like.)

I was thinking about how much of my problems I attribute to the interference of Satan. I don't think I do very often. Sometimes I just say it's a bad day, sometimes I just think I'm stupid. But rarely do I think, "it's the devl interfering."

I thought about how the Enemy may be working in my life, and I've decided it's in the area of lazyness. For the past year, I've been working on stuff in my home, and it's gone kinda slow. After I got up, read my e-mail, and did a couple other things, there was only a couple minutes left in the day. It took me months to get the sites done, but none of them were that hard. It wasn't bad stuff that I was doing, but I realized that I have to be more productive with my time. Instead of spending an hour reading the latest technology news, I should be playing with the technology or doing something else more productive. So is that the devil or just me being lazy? I dunno, but I gotta do something about it now. Let's see if I can get some website work finished up this afternoon.



Hi Dan!! I discovered your blog and I think it is WAY-totally-rad-cool!! Also, I am so happy that the Lord is working in your life in the area of laziness....that's totally a big challenge and I'm praying for you! (especially when you can watch Life Aquatic over and over again!! haha NOT!) ALso, I am excited for your new job. I will also be praying for that and the big move!! yeah! Go God!!

Go Dan! interesting... definately the weak body taking over. We need to claim the Freedom God has given us from our weak bodies, and act!

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