Word(Press) 2 The Man

Well, for a week now I've been using the brand new WordPress 2.0 to power my blog. It only officially released yesterday, so I guess I'm a bit ahead of some people.

What are my thoughts? Well, the rich text editor was pissing me off, but I might turn it back on, I dunno. Maybe not, though, because I'm fine with coding HTML. There's a couple other things I need to get used to, and they're coming along a bit.

This Is What You Want

iPod with video photoMy sister thought I hadn't heard about it since I did not post it yet, but that's just becaue I've been too busy. Of course I knew all about the iPods, although I haven't watched all of the Keynote yet.

Doin' The RSS

I've been enjoying using RSS to keep up with the news and all my friends. For the uninitiated, this is a way to gather all the things you want to keep track of into one place. For the past six months I've been using Sage, a very simple reader for FireFox. It's really easy to use and discovers feeds well.

My First Live Post

This is the first time I have done "live blogging." I'm at the TCPHP meeting and there's been a couple things that have come up in the last hour of talking about goo programming practices and such.

We Are Peculiar People

Hey look! My posts are all on Google Blog Search!

I wonder if crappy blog technologies like Xanga are on there yet. Probably not. (And no offense to my technologically-inclined friends who are on Xanga.)

So Small

Well, this time I'm spending a couple minutes to introduce you to the iPod nano. And, like the subject of this post says, this thing is tiny. (I was trying to start a trend of all subjects being song lyrics, but I couldn't think of a good one for this post.)

Silly Wall Street

I knew these folks didn't understand technology.

Here's a great quote:

Google Inc. said in a surprise move on Thursday that it would raise a $4 billion war chest with a new stock offering. The announcement stirred widespread speculation and anxiety in Silicon Valley that Google, the premier online search site, would move aggressively into businesses well beyond search and search-based advertising.

- The New York Times (via the Star Tribune)


I'm having trouble thinking of stuff to talk about. I want to blog something, but nothing much is going on.

Idiot Politicians!

According to news sources such as this one, President Bush is supposed to sign an "energy" bill that makes Daylight Savings Time longer. The argument is that if there's more daylight during the evening then we won't use as much electricity. Of course, nobody's talking about the fact that we won't want to get out of bed becasue it's still dark out at 8:30.

My Podcast Subscriptions

So what have I been listening to recently on my iPod on the way to work? Good question!

Much like my last post about Digg, I've been listening to their official podcast: Diggnation. As well as covering the week's biggest Digg stories in a half hour, they sample a new beer or two every week.