Silly Wall Street

I knew these folks didn't understand technology.

Here's a great quote:

Google Inc. said in a surprise move on Thursday that it would raise a $4 billion war chest with a new stock offering. The announcement stirred widespread speculation and anxiety in Silicon Valley that Google, the premier online search site, would move aggressively into businesses well beyond search and search-based advertising.

- The New York Times (via the Star Tribune)

Really?? Google does more than search and search-based ads? Oh wait, that's right, all their other offerings are in "beta" and don't contribute to the bottom line. Plus, if they're doing R&D on anything, it has to be search and advertising, duh!

Sometimes I wonder if people think about what they're saying before they say it. Oh well, if G4 ever came up with a comic news show, it would give them plenty of stuff to make fun of.



Odd new concept: dot coms are over priced?

heh... if you want to check out a pretty neat google product, download the free beta for "Google Earth". You can view just about anywhere in the world to a close proximity using satelite images.

Nice site Dan! It's certainly been a while! Feel free to drop an email to let me know what you've been up too


I work in the tech department for my hometown school district.

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