Drupal and a Lazy Sunday

I had big plans for today. I was going to recreate a static site in Drupal. Then, my clients at White Rock Coffee wouldn't have to wait for me to change their site. It was going to be glorious.

To Be A Revolution, Yeah

The past couple weeks I've been reading an interesting book called The Cluetrain Manifesto. I just finished it, so I figure I'd offer my thoughts. I picked it up because I was researching a lot of SEO/SEM stuff, and one of the biggest names in the industry said it was required reading in an interview.

We Are All A Little Crazy

Last week found Google's release of Google Trends. It shows the popularity of a search term over time, plus allows you to plot more than one next to each other. If you're trying to set up a Google AdWords campaign, it might come in handy.

I Feel On Top of the World

Myst Screen ShotAnd the other thing that I'm excited about from E3? Well, this one may involve some backstory. Actually, this backstory goes way back.

Fell In Love With The Game

Since this week is E3, I thought I'd have to shoot a bit of gaming info into this blog.

What Is Love?

Many people have been trying to figure out what the term "Web 2.0" really means. Some think it means nothing. Some thing it's the second Internet boom. Some think it's all about that clean, Google-ish look. And some think that anything with "Web 2.0" attached to it will get venture capital funding.

All Stocks Have Split, It's A Smash Hit

The coolest new web feature of the week? It's definitely Google Finance. Before now, you had to trick Yahoo! Finance or some other site to give you the stock information you wanted. But no more. The Flash-based graph is so easy to use and flexible, you can get a graph of whatever you want. Plotted right on the graphs are the news stories about the company. If you need to find stock info, this is definitely now the place to go. Or if you want to check out a good design. Hopefully, my Google stock will look better on it.

Someone Searching For Something

Today I've been researching the world of Search Engines. And it's been interesting. Although I haven't gotten to the real meat of how it all works, I have found some interesting stuff. Most of it was found while searching through technical documents on Google's technology. Here's what I found:

Linux and Drupal Time!

So what have I been doing in the past month with computers? Well, of course, at work I've been doing PHP development and other exciting stuff. But that's nothing new.

Revenge of the Nerds

Bill Gates at Apple from Pirates of Silicon ValleyIn the spirit of Tuesday's rather boring keynote speech, I rented a movie. It's a rather small movie made by some computer geeks called Pirates of Silicon Valley. It's a fun and interesting dramatization of the early days of Apple and Microsoft. It's also very interesting to see a time when Apple was bigger than Microsoft.