Apple's New iPad: A Bigger iPod touch

Yesterday morning Apple Inc. went ahead and showed the world their newest gadget, the iPad.  In pretty much every way, it is just an oversize iPod touch, but Apple hopes you will think it's much more than that.

Apple iPad Photo

How Best Buy Makes Their Money

Griffin iTrip AutoThis weekend, I'm going on a trip to South Bend, Indiana. For the trip, I decided I should have an iTrip, the very helpful device that charges your iPod or iPhone while also transmitting the audio over the radio waves. It's a great product and I've had ones numerous times before, but I seemed to have misplaced mine over the last 6-8 months.

Marvel To Acquire Disney, Fan Worry Largely Unfounded

This morning it was announced that Marvel Entertainment is to be acquired by Walt Disney Corp. for $4 Billion. Many of my friends, as well as myself, seem to be a bit worried and skeptical about the future of their favorite Marvel characters. But, upon thinking about it more and more, I think this is a sound business decision and Disney will likely handle it well.

Apple Needs To Formulate an iPhone App Submission Policy

This week, Google released an iPhone web app for Google Latitude, their location-aware social networking tool. The weird part was this program was just a web app running in the iPhone's Safari browser and not even an app like Google has made for almost every other phone. Here's a snippet from the TUAW post about it:

Robin Parrish's Offworld

Although I'm sure I'm not much younger than Robin Parrish, I feel like I grew up with Robin Parrish's work. In the earlier days of the Internet, Robin Parrish was one of the leading journalists covering the Christian music scene on the Internet with his site on At a time when I was running my own, much less successful Christian music site, I read his insightful reviews and commentary constantly. When I graduated from high school, Robin was doing stuff that he was more interested in, covering movies, novels, and comic books with an even more undying fervor.

Wolfram Alpha: The Google of Data

Last week, a new tool called Wolfram Alpha debuted on the internet after a couple months of hype about it. At first, many claimed it was too hard to use or that it didn't do much, but I think this system needs a deeper look.

The Fun Little Things at DrupalCon DC 2009

Well, it seems that, unless I'm doing a T-shirt post, I have to start these blog posts with a disclaimer.  So I'll do that.  DrupalCon DC is the first large conference I've ever really been to, so I suppose lots of things impress me.  It's been a great show to learn about Drupal so far, and I can't wait to get down 'n' dirty with Drupal coding tomorrow!

iTunes Podcast FAIL

So, I'm not sure if this is the fault of Apple's iTunes or the makers of all the news podcasts, but I'm sure each are at least partially to blame. You see, last night President Obama spoke and I want to watch it on the train to work tomorrow.

Why I Hate Twitter

Those of you who know me know that I've been on Pownce for about a year.  In April sometime I started cross-posting my Pownce status posts to Twitter.  But, even before I started posting to Twitter, I didn't like it.  However, now that Pownce is leaving, I just want to go through the main reasons that I hate Twitter: A Drupal Weekend Project

I love microblogging and the social medias.  I'm always looking for little social media experiments as well.  Besides this blog, I'm always thinking up other ways to drum up interested readers, inform readers, and give out my opinions.  Of course, one of those genres that I love commenting on is movies and the crazyness of Hollywood.