Is Apple The New Microsoft?

I know, you Apple purists are now throwing up your hands in resignation, saying, "I thought Dan was turning to our side!" Well, I think I still am, but recent acctions by the big fruit company are making me wonder. For those who missed it, a number of months ago Apple sued a company who was publicly publishing insider secrets that Apple wanted to keep quiet.

iPod Battery Life

Finally! According to this article, the next iPods should get a major boost in the battery life department. That'll be nice. Actually, well, the problem of the battery crapping out 18 months after is still the main problem. The only thing is... I haven't figured out if my battery has a problem. The only time I've tried using the iPod recently is when I'm outside, and apparently the battery won't operate under 32 degrees Farenheight.

Use That Dead Hard Drive

A couple months ago my external hard drive with all music on it died. (I didn't make too much of a fuss on the blog here because I didn't think it worthwhile to complain about it.) But I've finally found something to do with it. One of these days I'm going to take it apart and turn it into a windchime!

Updated iPods

Yay! iPods are now cheaper for the masses!

Here's the new lineup:
The New iPod Lineup

Finally, Apple's cutting their huge profit margins in favor of keepin the upper hand in the market. Good move, imho.

Now if I get a job I might have to upgrade to a 60GB iPod photo.


It only took three or four days for the comment spammers to find my site... they do a pretty good job.

Well, hopefully we can stay ahead of them now that I added a comment spam filter to my system. If it gets really bad, I suppose I could have y'all register to make comments, but I doubt that's ever gonna happen.

So, if you see a comment for something weird, don't bother clicking on it. It's probably comment spam anyways.

Gotta Be Creative

That's right. One of the reasons I got this blog was so I could be creative and play around with the design. So I've spent a bunch of this afternoon and came up with this. I'm not sure it's as cool as that default, but it gets more points because it's not the default. If you're reading this blog in FireFox or another standards-compliant browser (mostly just not IE), you should see a cool watermark thingy at the bottom of your page.


OK, this is the new home of da Blog. Hope you enjoy!

Oh yeah, my old blog is at Xanga so catch up if you like. ;-)