Not Total B$

Today I found a fun little thing to waste my time on - it's called BlogShares.

I haven't yet figured it all out, but it's a fantasy stock market based on blogs. In this market, who links to you and who you link to have some bearing on your net worth, but also the selling and buying of stock in other's blogs is a major part of it.

Surprises Lurk in Satellite Snaps

These are intersting. In case you didn't notice, now if you go to you can see a satellite as well as a really nice map. I know I've looked around my area and have found interesting things.

What I Do For Free Software

Sometimes I wish I had the money. Installing this Linux on this old IBM Aptiva is a royal pain in the ass. It didn't work at all this weekend but now it is working. I don't think the CD drive is working that well anymore, for it doesn't like to read Linux CDs, at least not most of the time. I have about 20 burned CDs that I've tried to feed the thing scattered all over my desk. Plus, if I do get into the install, it starts giving random errors. It seems nice enough and all, but it's managing to be pretty complicated.

I'm Back!

I got the computer back! After a couple days of playing around and trying things, I got everything to work. It only cost me $29.95 for some software and some careful work with the Windows Registry. Much thanks to the System Restore program, although it's not the smartest program.

So now I'm completely back and workin' just fine. I'm so happy.

Found Somethin'

Well, I managed to find something to take up my free time.

When you need something to do, just screw up your computer! It worked for me!

Yeah, well, there's a decent chance that I might lose all the data I worked on in the last couple months, but that's not the end of the world. In the meantime, though, I'm learning alot about fixing computers and recovering data from a hard drive that I screwed partitions and boot records on.

The Countdown Is On!

Let's celebrate! Today marks 50 days 'till Star Wars: Episode 3 hits theaters! To celebrate, I used some of my birthday money and ordered the DVD of Star Wars: Clone Wars Vol. 1. It should be interesting to see what happened between II and III in an animated cartoon format.

Happy Easter!

Hope you're having a good Easter holiday! Jesus has risen!

In other news, Bjorn was right. My iPod's battery is dying, darn it.

And finaly, I have a really exciting interview scheduled for Wednesday! It's at a small website design company I've interviewed with once before, except this time they're actively hiring. So pray that Wednesday morning goes well, because this would be exactly what I want. (Plus, then I could get a new iPod!)

Exchange Phone Numbers Just By Kissing?

Here's what I thought was a rather creepy article. Apprently the data goes through your skin or something. And touching people exchanges data. Pretty odd. I don't really care for touching people anyways, but I guess I might have to in the future, I guess.


Before I left this afternoon I put some contact information and calendar events into Outlook. Unfortunately, after I left, I remembered that I didn't sync my amazing Palm smartphone with my PC. Well, I'm not going to have that problem very often anymore.

I hooked it up so that it can HotSync over the Sprint PCS wireless network on demand (as long as my computer at home is on, which it always is). It's killer.

What's A Wiki?

My friend Billy asked me what a Wiki was yesterday. We talked about it a bit, but here I am to talk about it a bit more. A Wiki is an online repository of information that can be edited by just about anyone.