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Sometimes I wish I had the money. Installing this Linux on this old IBM Aptiva is a royal pain in the ass. It didn't work at all this weekend but now it is working. I don't think the CD drive is working that well anymore, for it doesn't like to read Linux CDs, at least not most of the time. I have about 20 burned CDs that I've tried to feed the thing scattered all over my desk. Plus, if I do get into the install, it starts giving random errors. It seems nice enough and all, but it's managing to be pretty complicated.

EDIT: It seems my problem was my CDs. I'm burning a new set at 4x speed and they seem to be reading better.

ANOTHER EDIT/UPDATE: So I did get it installed but I missed about half the packages. I might just reinstall it all, because I can't seem to access my CD-ROM now and I didn't get any Windowing thingies installed. But, it's almost 3am, so I'm not doing it tonight.



Dude, you said *ass.* I'm telling Jesus on you.

Good. I was wondering if any of you were reading. ;-)

Yeah, man. I check in quite frequently.

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