Mac OS X on my Dell?

Will it happen?

According to this news report, on Monday at the WWDC conference in San Francisco, Apple's Steve Jobs is supposed to announce a phased transition to Intel instead of IBM's PowerPC processors. Why the change? Well, one thing I'm suspecting is a lot of money from Intel as a part of the deal.


If there were no good reasons to Get FireFox before, now there is. Head over to FunnyFox to see why!

Hiring is Obsolete

OK, so for me it's mostly preaching to the choir. I currently don't like hiring people, although I try to be as kind to them as possible because they hold the key to a job. It's not that I hate them personally, I just hate the rules that say that I'm not worth hiring. I just hate the fact that I have to kiss up to them and say exactly what they want to hear, even if it's not true. I'd rather say it like it is, thus we both know what we're getting into.


Well, I don't know if it was a virus or just the hard drive malfunctioning, but whatever it was, it was bad. I ended up buying a new hard drive to get up and running as soon as possible. But I am currently chatting with Dell Support and they'll send me a replacement for the old hard drive. So, now I got tons of space!

Is This Some Kind Of CHALLENGE!?!

So, once again, either God or myself have given me a computer challenge. Earlier this afternoon my computer contracted a virus, shut down before I could fix it, and then obviously wouldn't restart Windows. So, now I have the challenge of fixing it. If I knew what the virus was....

Kids, remember never to play around with e-mails that you don't know where they are from. Some will give your computer viruses!

How Lightsabers Work

The factual website How Stuff Works has a great article on How Lightsabers Work. Very informative, and very useful for those technology users who always wanted to know.

Ode To Netflix

Alright, folks, it's time time. For a couple weeks now I've been trying out Neflix, the original online movie rental company. And, well, so far, it's great.

For $14.96 I get to rent two movies at a time. I can basically rent as many as I can squeeze into a month, for whenver you send them a movie back, they send the next available one in my Queue of movies I want to see. They pay for the postage, and within two days of sending one in, I get a new one. Nice, fast turnaround.

John Cleese Knows Funny

Now for some geeky humor...

Problems with tape backup have been in the news a bunch recently, so John Cleese (of Monty Python fame) comes to the rescue. He heads up the Institute for Backup Trauma, and here they present this ad. It's not funny the whole time, but it's pretty good.

And the brothers Chaps better get a H*R update sometime soon....

They've Got Our Back

Best Buy's resident tech support team, The Geek Squad, has our back. They've put together a bunch of different forms that are sure to get us out of work or school for May 19th. Get yer forms and don't miss the Revenge of the Sith!

We're All Gonna Die!

According to those who study space (but not the astrologers), the earth may have a massive crisis on its hands in 2034 or so. A huge asteriod may hit us, but they're not really sure. The good news is we'll get a good look at the asteriod in 2029.