Fell In Love With The Game

Since this week is E3, I thought I'd have to shoot a bit of gaming info into this blog.

Nintendo DS Lite PhotoSo what am I, a mostly non-gamer, looking forward to? Well, for a while I've had my eye on the Nintendo DS. Why? Because it's an advanced Game Boy. It has two screens, one of which is a touchscreen. It has a stylus, and people connected via the Wi-Fi connection can chat together as well as play DS games together. Plus, with the dual-screen and stylus, there's many more fun ways to create new gaming environments.

Coming out in a month, the DS Lite is cheaper and much smaller than the original DS. Plus, it comes in iPod White. It will be cool. Some people are excited about the Zelda game coming out for it.

New Super Mario DS ScreenshotThe game that looks like a blast from the past but will still be tons of fun is the new Super Mario Bros. DS. It has all the gameplay of the classic Mario episodes, plus lots of new playability, small bonus round games, and much more. It looks like a blast and I can't wait. Hopefully I'll find some money to buy it.


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