Daily Update

Apple TV and Hacking

So, apparently the Apple TV should be coming out any moment now. However, some of the other portions of the info at AppleInsider were more interesting to me. Here's the juicy bits:

As AppleInsider exclusively reported back in January, Apple TV will drawn its graphics capabilities from NVIDIA's G72M graphics chipset with 64MB DDR2 video memory -- essentially the firm's GeForce Go 7400 chip.

Internet Marketers and Getting Married

Marketers are odd people. Internet Marketers - doubly so. Sure, their jobs are getting their client's sites to the top of the search engines, but they also know how to use the web for fun (or personal gain - or both). And, of course, they're not your normal blue-collar workers; they're out-of-the-box, mind-blowingly smart people.

Apple and Windows Software

Dear Apple,

Some of us can't afford the MacBook Pro you've brainwashed us all into buying yet, OK? We love you, but you're just a bit too much to afford. Sure, I could not eat for a year and then get a computer, but, frankly, I like to eat.

A Three-Dimensional Display?

It looks kinda interesting. Kevin found this interesting bit of news that someone has developed an interactive three-dimensional display. Apparently the picture is projected in 3-D and there may be some sort of small particles that make the picture hang in the air. For more information and a video or two, check out the technology's official page.

Measuring Your Web Visitors

Web analytics tools such as Google Analytics can provide a lot of useful information, but you have to dig through the data and know where to look. Of course, for large companies, there are the expensive, full-featured packages such as WebSideStory and WebTrends. I recently found this interview with Jim Sterne, who seems to be a leader in this field. I found some good ways to think about Analytics.

The Year 2007 Problem

I'd heard this mentioned a number of times, but it doesn't seem to be getting enough coverage. This Sunday, March 11th, starts Daylight Savings Time (DST) here in the United States. When I heard that, I thought to myself, "That's a bit earlier than past years, isn't it?" I always remember it being around the time of Easter.

ConceptShare: Web Collaboration for Designers

ConceptShare LogoThis tool might become the best friend of web designers and layout people from around the web. With ConceptShare, you can use their free, web-based collaboration tool for any design project you're working on. This short tour gives a quick look at what you could do with it.

The New Missionaries

My friends Rus, Nick, and Jon have given the next couple years of their lives to be missionaries. No, they're not in Africa or India. They're missionaries to a part of the city of Indianapolis in the state of Indiana, right here in the United States. Why? It's simple.

James Cameron Found The Body of Jesus!?

Renowned movie director and producer James Cameron has announced that his production company is going to show a documentary where they believe they found the bodies of Jesus, Mary Magdalene, and a son of theirs. No doubt most, including even the writers/directors of the documentary, are still a bit skeptical, but hey, this will work well for getting big TV viewership. Too bad I don't watch TV. ;-)

Underground Art - Literally

Well, I went through the last couple days worth of the front page on Digg and couldn't find any decent stuff to report on. However, I did find something that reminded me of a fun article I found a couple months ago. Check out this page of images of Metro Arts and Architecture. It's a lot of beautiful places in mostly underground subways. There's also some fun photos for the world metro traveler all around the Metro Bits site.