Daily Update

Joost: The TV of the Future?

Joost LogoIf you tried to talk to me recently about a TV show, there's no doubt you heard the words, "What is TV?" or "TV is so last century." I've not had a TV for four and a half years, and I don't regret a minute of it. Sure there might be one or two decent shows on TV right now, but if I wanted to watch them, I'd do that on my own schedule.

Apple and EMI Announced Change In The Music Industry

On Monday, Apple and EMI Music announced that EMI will be taking DRM off of their music on iTunes. The DRM-free singles will cost $1.29 instead of $0.99, but besides being DRM-free, they will also be twice the audio quality. Also, if you purchase the whole album, it is the same price and is the higher-quality, DRM-free tracks. They announced that this would be going live in May.

Adobe Apollo: Install Flash Applications on Your Desktop

I recently heard about Adobe Apollo, a new system developed by the new Adobe/Macromedia. In a video demonstration, they showed an eBay application using Apollo technology. With Apollo, eBay was able to make a downloadable and installable application that will work on Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux. You can browse the eBay site, post items to sell, etc.

Web Developers and Linux

If you're a web developer or designer, you may not run a form of Linux as your development environment, but you still have your websites hosted on a Linux server and have to do some administration of it.

Mute Math's Crazy First Music Video

I love Mute Math. 'Nuff said.

The Drupal Dojo

By the end of next week, I'll probably be either a Drupal ninja or I'll be fired. So what am I going to do this week? I'm going to be downloading lots of screencasts from the Drupal Dojo site. They've got plenty of stuff to get you thinking about the ninja-like moves you could do in Drupal too.

What Happened To The Daily Update?

Some might be wondering such a thing. Well, it depends on what you're really asking.

A couple weeks ago I dropped the "Daily Update 3/21/2007:" from the post title. I realized that was not really helping Search Engine Optimization at all. Plus, well, it doesn't look cool. Plus, trying to make it include a "da" wasn't working well either.

Point and Click With Your Eye

I recently ran across this article on a Search Engine Optimization site. Many may not know that SEO/SEM peoples are also interested in interface design for the best and easiest way to reach their customers. Bill Slawski of SEO By The Sea found some interesting research papers from Stanford about a point and click interface - except without a mouse.

Music Industry To Kill Online Radio

You'd think that one of these times the RIAA would make a smart move. Well, I guess the only word in their vocabulary is "money". One of these years, they will figure out that just means, "losing money".

The Academy Awards of DVD

The guys over at The Digital Bits have been covering the wide world of DVD for a whole decade now. I've always enjoyed that they find out the advance word on DVDs. Plus, their in-depth reviews tell me all that I want to know - if the video and audio quality is good and how many special features are on the disc.