Daily Update

Reaction: Apple iPhone

So, the iPhone has been in the hands of consumers and reviewers for over a week, and there's been many reactions. Here's what I've found after reading about it, listening to podcasts, and also using it myself.

Go PHP5!

I remember in 2004 that PHP 5 was released. At the time, I was not a great programmer (and I'm not sure I am yet either), but I definitely did not understand what made PHP 5 better, that's for sure. Now that I understand PHP better and use it much more on a regular basis, I know how much easier it is to develop web sites with PHP 5.

Why Go See Ratatouille?

Ratatouille Movie PosterIf you had asked me in January what one movie I was looking forward to this year, I may have thought about it for a minute, but there's no doubt the answer would be Ratatouille. Some people have asked why that is, so here's my reasons:

Duluth, Minnesota: The San Francisco of the Midwest

On Saturday morning I headed out the door about 8am and told the persons in the living room that I was headed with my family to Duluth. When one person asked, "What's Duluth?", I knew that a blog post had to be written. Duluth, MN is easily one of my favorite cities to visit in the world, and it's less than three hours away from home!

Duluth and the Great Lakes

I Love Pixar and Marketing

Shrek vs. RemyMovie marketing and merchandising is a rather touchy subject for one. One of the reasons I really don't care for DreamWorks Animation is it's marketing. For example, every time a Shrek movie comes out, you see that annoying green ogre on every box of cereal, bag of chips, and box of candy for three months before. When it finally comes, you feel like you have to go just to get him out of your head.

Apple Stores And Lynch Mobs

I talked to an Apple employee at the local Apple store today. I was chatting with him about the Apple TV YouTube experience and how I was disappointed that I couldn't find the Mute Math "Typical" video on there. He said they were converting 10,000 videos every week to to the QuickTime format for use on Apple TV and iPhones, I think. What a waste, because we really want Flash on Safari anyways, you silly Apple idealists!

Apple iPhone Crazyness Continues

I wish I wasn't busy this Friday night so that I could watch the Apple fanboys go wild over at the Mall of America. Ohh, well, who cares about that. There's still a lot of new stuff to talk about:

Review: eEye's Blink Security Suite

A couple weeks ago, I listened to an episode of Security Now! that was an interview with Mark Maiffret of eEye. In this show, he talked about his company, which specializes in security research. eEye is one of those handful of companies that work hard to find software vulnerabilities in software and often find and report security issues to Microsoft and other companies.

Drupal To Save The World?

Jeff Robbins of Lullabot has a vision. He sees a world where anyone in the world has a tool to make websites. Here's his vision:

Safari on Windows? Why?

WWDC 2007 LogoThis morning was Apple's WWDC Keynote, where Steve Jobs speaks to the world and a the thousands of the developers actually in the room. Because it's to the developers, it's always the more geeky and technological side of stuff. Last year they spent a lot of time looking at the new features of Leopard, which of course they did again this year.