Apple iPhone Crazyness Continues

I wish I wasn't busy this Friday night so that I could watch the Apple fanboys go wild over at the Mall of America. Ohh, well, who cares about that. There's still a lot of new stuff to talk about:

  • Walt Mossberg gives the device a rather glowing review, but doesn't like the fact that it uses AT&T's rather slow data network.
  • Mossberg says that he had a tough couple first days with the iPhone's virtual keyboard, but after about 5 days he had the hang of it. To further alleviate your fears, Apple gave us a video of how it works.
  • The OS and all its programs take of 700 MB of the 4 GB (or 8 GB) on the phone. I bet that by the end of the year, it's going to be more like 1 GB. They should change the ads to 3 GB or 7 GB of storage now.
  • Service plans start at $59/month after a $36 activation fee. The cash gets you 450 minutes, 5000 night and weekend minutes, unlimited web and e-mail usage, and 200 text messages. For existing AT&T customers, they can just add $20/month to their current plan to gain unlimited data usage.
  • Apparently there's no way to cut, copy, or paste text around the phone. That'd sure be helpful for some of these applications....
  • Through iTunes, it can sync with Outlook on your Windows machine. Mossberg also claims that it does support IMAP and Exchange, although very little details are given.
  • You can view documents such as Word files, Excel files, and PDFs. But you can't edit them. And you can't view Flash webpages.
  • And yes, just what productivity persons didn't want: you can watch YouTube on your iPhone. Talk about a colossal waste of time.
  • Signup with AT&T and activation of the phone is done on your home computer inside iTunes. Now that's kinda slick, because who likes doing that on the phone?
  • Like iPods, after 300-400 charges your phone's battery will start crapping out. Sounds like you get to pay them a wad of cash to replace it. That sucks. Apparently the amount you can do on one charge is pretty spectacular, though.
  • The webiste already has dozens of little apps, although the iPhone doesn't come out for two days. Since they're browser-based applications, you can try them right there, so that's kinda fun.

Sure, the Apple iPhone is cool. I'm at least waiting until version 2, and that's about it. (Special thanks to Engadget and Apple Phone Show for the information.)


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