Daily Update

The Pixar Story

I've always been a fan of animated movies, but everyone knows my favorites are from Pixar. Found via digg, here's a detailed look into the history of the company and the rise to a film studio. It's pretty amazing that John Lasseter started creating Toy Story with no feature film experience at all.

The Planets on Google Maps

So it came to 11pm and I still didn't have anything for this morning... so why not go with something Google but something a bit obscure?

You may know that they updated Google Earth recently. But did you know that Google has also mapped out the Moon and Mars already too? They're fun for at least a couple minutes.

Cake ...PHP, That Is

At work, this week is going to be all about CakePHP. What's CakePHP? For those programmers, it's similar to Ruby on Rails or Django for Python, but it's in PHP. For the less technical, it's also called a web framework for PHP.

R2-D2 Does Everything!

Last week at CES 2007 there were many amazing products announced. But how a fully functional R2-D2? Yes, there are two R2-D2 products from NIkko Electronics.

Cingular and AT&T Explained

Corporate buyouts can be so darn confusing. This week's example is Cingular, which bought out AT&T Wireless a couple years ago to become the largest provider. Apparently the big news of this week is that Cingular is now going to be merged back into the AT&T brand. To tell us how this works, here is the ever-humorous Stephen Colbert:

No iPhone Apps?

Apple iPhone PhotoHopefully it's not true. Of course, last week Steve Jobs announced the Apple iPhone. But, even though he claims it runs OS X, it seems that the early official word is that there will be no third-party apps.

Drupal 5.0 Released

Yesterday was the announcement of Drupal 5.0, the latest and greatest version of the open-source CMS, Drupal. So what's so cool about it? Well, there's the cool new default theme, an improved administration interface, and plenty more. Check out some of these features at a Drupal site I have set up, EmmausProject.com.

The Daily Section

Speaking of Community and living life in common, the guys at the house said they'd like to know more about be. They've laid down the challenge to have a "Word of the Day" thing or something. I don't know about words, but I can certainly bring something new to the table every day.

So, starting tomorrow morning, I'll have a daily idea. I figured if I was going to share it with the house, I may as well share it with the other two people who read this blog. ;-)