Daily Update

Apple and the New iPods

Well, the crowd has spoken, so I'll rise to the occasion, I guess. (Oh wait, that was only one person or 1/15th of my known audience.) Anyways, I'm posting her to cover the latest Apple announcement event because my sister thinks I need to cover it.

Zip Code Google Maps

Ever knew where you were but needed to know the zip code? Bookmark this Zip Code Map site and you'll be set for life. Look at this in all its glory:

Zip Code Map of Dowtown Minneapolis Area

Who Needs Real Candles?

Geeks are all about the effect without the hard work or expense of actually doing it. I mean, I love the cool lighting effects of candles, but who wants to pay the craploads of money and worry about that wax everywhere. And, I don't know about yours, but the ones my sisters buy are really potent smelling!

Breaking News: Freeway Bridge Collapses Near Downtown Minneapolis

I have not yet been home, but just two hours ago the 35W bridge over the Mississippi River just two blocks from my house. At least three people are killed, according to the latest reports. Please pray for everyone in Minneapolis and anyone whose families are affected.

Overall Picture of the Collapsed Bridge

Round Two: Treo vs. iPhone

Well, here we are at the second time around. On Saturday, because I could barely stand not having a phone, I went to the Sprint store and bought myself a Palm Treo 755p. I figured, well, it's $400 cheaper up front, and I can keep my plan a bit lower than what I would get from AT&T. Plus, it's still Palm OS, so I can use all my favorite Palm apps. And, yes, Palm OS 5 is a bit more slick. It's got Bejeweled and a nice Google Maps app. But that's where the fun ends.

Treo or iPhone Time?

Well, the night I had been expecting for a while came. I was kinda hoping it wouldn't come for about 6 months, but it did.

My Samsung i500 smartphone fumbled out of my hands and went in an arc about 7 feet to the ground. The battery, of course, fell off of it, but that's happened before. However, this time, it didn't recover, because it doesn't get past the very first loading screen no matter how long I wait. I tried resetting it but it won't do anything.

Trailer: The Darjeeling Limited

The Darjeeling Limited PosterA couple days ago a new movie trailer surfaced online from director Wes Anderson, director of fine films such as The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, The Royal Tenenbaums, and Rushmore.

Harry Potter Breaks Records

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (US Version)On Saturday, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the seventh and final book of the series, was released worldwide. It seems that, like the last couple books J.K. Rowling wrote, it will go down in history as the world's fastest-selling book.

Pownce: Facebook 2.0?

Right now, Pownce (prounounced the same as "pounce") is the new kid on the block that's way cooler than your old MySpace or Facebook was. And they're doing that oh-so-hip invite thing to get you drooling. But will it take off? I don't know, but I'm kinda interested in trying it.

Memorable Marketing & The Simpsons

It seems that, these days, you have to have some really unique, really attention-grabbing marketing to get people's attention. And, I have to say, the folks at Fox have been pulling out all the stops in this regard for The Simpsons Movie. Here's a couple good examples:

The Osenga Family as Simpsons Characters