Who Needs Real Candles?

Geeks are all about the effect without the hard work or expense of actually doing it. I mean, I love the cool lighting effects of candles, but who wants to pay the craploads of money and worry about that wax everywhere. And, I don't know about yours, but the ones my sisters buy are really potent smelling!

LED Candles that blow off and on!Luckily for us, ThinkGeek's helping us out. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, you can get all the fun of candles without the hassle. Plus, you can even fool your friends. These LED Candles, while turned on via the bottom, will turn off with just a soft blow of your breath. Even cooler, though, is that they'll also turn on with just a bit of air. Now that's something fun. Plus, even better, they're just $9.99 for a six-inch wide candle! All that great look without that cinnamon smell and spending $30 at Yankee Candle Co.

UPDATE: Now the candles are a couple bucks more, but they include the option to change the flame from a natural white light to a really chill blue. Fun!


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