Apple and Windows Software

Dear Apple,

Some of us can't afford the MacBook Pro you've brainwashed us all into buying yet, OK? We love you, but you're just a bit too much to afford. Sure, I could not eat for a year and then get a computer, but, frankly, I like to eat.

So, of course, since I have a Dell desktop, I get to use Windows because I like to get things done and installing Ubuntu wouldn't be worth the six months of lost productivity, although it would be a learning experience. So what does it have to do with you? I know it's hard, but y'all need to start publishing decent Windows software.

Seriously, find some people that know how to write Windows code or who don't complain about it the whole time or something. The guys on the team right now are total jerks. If you tell me that Mac OS X is written by the same people who write iTunes for Windows, I might just go out and buy a cheaper laptop and skip the beautiful brushed metal and pretty interface.

What are my "whines", for those who listen to MacBreak Weekly? Well, for one, why can't iTunes be a multi-user application? If I have it running on my user account all the time to share my library with friends, nobody else can open iTunes. OS X has it working and so does every other Windows program. Get with it.

OK, and then I took the bait earlier this week and updated to the latest versions of iTunes and QuickTime. Thanks. But no thanks. I tried to watch the latest from the RSS feed of the latest Movie Trailers, but the trailers wouldn't show up. I even went to the trouble of checking through Internet Explorer because I thought maybe your testing monkeys miss the FireFox icon. But no, QuickTime is now mostly unusable.

Next time, find some Windows users on the street and stick your software in front of them for an hour and give them $10. They'll tell you some interesting stuff. They might not be as cheap as your monkeys, but they'll get the job done.

Maybe next week if you push out a patch, I'll talk about the Apple features I like. I'm looking forward to it.


Dan Ficker



Ubuntu is NOT six months of lost productivity.
I use Kubuntu on a Toshiba, and the worst its ever been was two weeks.
I dual boot, so the main horror of those two weeks was booting into Windows.

Edgy Eft has been out for a while, so you probably won't have my problems, which center around updating to the newest edition too early. The other problem would be the wireless card; you can find out if it's supported before you install.
The install cds are also live cds, so you can set your bios to boot from the cd, and see if all your hardware works with it before you install.

I recently had to clean spyware off my friend's laptop. I was cringing at the wait times for software to launch, even after I got most of the stuff off!
You should end up with a gain in productivity.

The only caveat is if you need specific software that doesn't run on Linux and can't be substituted with something else.

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