Underground Art - Literally

Well, I went through the last couple days worth of the front page on Digg and couldn't find any decent stuff to report on. However, I did find something that reminded me of a fun article I found a couple months ago. Check out this page of images of Metro Arts and Architecture. It's a lot of beautiful places in mostly underground subways. There's also some fun photos for the world metro traveler all around the Metro Bits site.

The Tate Gallery by Tube PosterOf course, there's no way they mention everything cool about the subways. In Washington D.C. we went to a station that is a couple hundred feet underground. That was definitely the longest escalator I've ever seen! Another article I read via Digg said that every building in Paris is less than 1,600 feet away from a subway station. Crazy!

Also, an interesting thing are underground maps. One my favorites is this poster promoting an art show as well as the London Underground, which is shown in this post. They had a copy of the poster in the business building during college. I loved looking at it.



Ficker, I have the london underground font on my computer if you ever want to use it. Its a very useful and clear yet very cool.

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