2 + 2 = 5 Shirt

The return of the T-shirt posts! This is a shirt I've had for a year or two and, like some of the other geeky, math-related shirts I have, they get lots of response. Sadly, most comment that the shirt is wrong because they do not understand the match concept, but a small minority of knowledgeable folks know the details and quietly and calmly say they like the shirt. Here's a bad photo of it:

2 + 2 = 5 Shirt

"Grace Is An Ocean" T-Shirt

The T-shirt blog posts are back! This photo is definitely not very flattering, mostly because the shirt text is down the side of the shirt. But the content makes up for it. It's a maroon shirt with text written down the right side in a serif font.

Photo of a maroon shirt with 'If Grace Is An Ocean We're All Sinking' printed on it.

Vote Zaphod T-Shirt

Vote Zaphod Beeblebrox 2012 T-Shirt Design

In these trying times for America, they need a charismatic President that knows what's going on. Zaphod Beeblebrox, a two-headed humanoid from the vicinity of Betelgeuse, is probably not that man. But he has been the President of the Galaxy. But, oh wait, in that version of history, the Earth has been destroyed to make room for a hyperspace bypass.

The Elms Truth, Soul, Rock and Roll Shirt

OK, this shirt is one of my all time favorites. Well, that's mostly because it's bold and it proclaims one of my all-time favorite bands, The Elms. Plus, this is the only shirt I've purchased twice! Here's the old and busted one (which I'm not wearing today):

The Elms Truth Soul Rock & Roll Shirt - Old

My Chicago Shirt

Today's feature is a shirt that is seldom worn. It doesn't sport a cool band name or even some geeky phrase, but it does show the skyline of one of my favorite cities: Chicago.

The Chicago Shirt

The 42 Shirt

In a rather odd dichotomy, this shirt is one of my most geeky but also one of my most sporty-looking:

The 42 Shirt

The Derek Webb Shirt

This is a shirt that I got at a show just two and a half blocks from my house. Of course, it wasn't just because the show was that close that I went, it was also because I've been a big fan of Derek Webb for much longer than that. It's dark red and has a rather weird design on the front top left of the shirt, like this:

Mars Ill Turntable Shirt

Here's the return of the T-Shirt posts with one of my favorites, my Mars Ill Turntable Shirt:

Mars Ill Turntable Shirt

The Bad Graphics Ghost Shirt

When I saw that the Homestar Runner Store was selling this shirt, I knew I should get it.  My original excuse was because I didn't want to wear a costume for Halloween but I did want to do something special to acknowledge the "holiday" (although work didn't count it as a "costume", not surprisingly).  It's in that spirit, of course, that I turned to the experts of Halloween, the folks at HomestarRunner.com for inspiration (and merchandise):

The Jars of Clay Shirt

Finally!  I've been a huge fan of Jars of Clay for over a decade and it took me until August 2008 to get a Jars of Clay T-shirt!  But it's a beauty: