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Vote Zaphod T-Shirt

Vote Zaphod Beeblebrox 2012 T-Shirt Design

In these trying times for America, they need a charismatic President that knows what's going on. Zaphod Beeblebrox, a two-headed humanoid from the vicinity of Betelgeuse, is probably not that man. But he has been the President of the Galaxy. But, oh wait, in that version of history, the Earth has been destroyed to make room for a hyperspace bypass.

The Bad Graphics Ghost Shirt

When I saw that the Homestar Runner Store was selling this shirt, I knew I should get it.  My original excuse was because I didn't want to wear a costume for Halloween but I did want to do something special to acknowledge the "holiday" (although work didn't count it as a "costume", not surprisingly).  It's in that spirit, of course, that I turned to the experts of Halloween, the folks at for inspiration (and merchandise):

Football Can

Wow! My Dr. Pepper can is styled like a football! Who knew that I love Dr. Pepper and football!

In reality, if the cans don't get back to normal soon, I'll probably have to swear off the stuff. I don't really like football much at all.

Strong Bad's Quest for the Ultimate Game

Most of my readers are aware of my love for the website, which is an animated internet cartoon.  Over eight years ago, two brothers started posting their animations online, and now they work full-time creating new content based on their own world of characters.  These cartoons are not always safe for the kids, in my opinion, but then again, they're probably better than most of what's on TV for kids these days.  Feel free to head over to their website to get an idea of the days of fun

Shady Mall Carts (Part One)

OK, so I don't really have a series yet. But I've always found those vendor carts at the Mall of America (and, well, every mall) to be a bit shady. Here's exhibit #1:

3 Musketeers: Now With Mint!

No, this is not related to web stuff, but it is mint. A couple days ago I found, while perusing the local convenience store, the new 3 Musketeers Mint bar. Since 3 Musketeers is one of my favorite candy bars, I knew I had to try it. I'd say it was pretty good.

Taste In Movies

UPDATE: Well, apprently nobody got this post, so I'm going to try again with a bit more context. It's probably still not as fun if you have to explain it. First of all, my boss seems to love almost every action movie (except maybe the ones I like the most). He often asks me what I think of the new movie that came out the past weekend because, undoubtedly, he's already seen it. So, when he came up to me this morning, I wasn't too surprised he had seen Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, the latest action-superhero B-list movie.

25 Reasons Why Dan is "da Man"

My three amazing sisters sent me this via e-mail for my 25th birthday. It's all true, really.

Dan is da insanely awesome man because:

A Milestone

Guess what? Starting today, I can rent a car!

Oh wait...

Here's a great Birthday greeting for me from my sister. It was so cool, I just had to share it with everyone!

This Is Premium Joke, No?

Two-thirds of the way through the amazing movie Everything Is Illuminated, this conversation happened soon after Peter walked in:

Peter: This movie doesn't make any sense.
Me: That's because you didn't watch the first part of it.
Peter: That's what people say about every movie.
Me: Yeah, and that's probably why they made the first part of the movie as well as the end -- so it makes sense.

Break The Spell Of The Typical

Since posting YouTube short videos is so fun, here's yet another that I found really hilarious:

I find Wes Anderson to be on of the most brilliant filmmakers, although many of you don't get him because his brand of humor is very satirical. This short film/commercial totally encapsulates Wes Anderson.

A great thing is how Amercian Express has embraced the popular but often misunderstood filmmaker to support their product. Every Wes Anderson fan thinks this thing is awesome, so they'll be imimediately predisposed to American Express.

Promise To Keep It Innovative

One of my favorite muses, John Reuben, has released another amazing video work. No, it's not an addictive music video, but this time it's an amazing short documentary. Check out out right here:

He's serious. He's professional. He's inspiring. He's my hero.

They'll Know Us By The Way We Point And Stare

A Field Guide To Evangelicals by Joel KilpatrickI assumed it was just a joke. (Well, hey, the rest of the stuff on is a joke, so why would I think it's serious?) But even proves it's true because you can buy it.

It's A High Speed Car Chase

If you're into science at all, you gotta check out this link. This site is devoted to Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics. Yes, movies are never true to science (just like they're never true to the Catholic Church). And this site points them out. My favorite parts is the "Movie Reviews" section. Check out the stupidest movie, The Core, or my least-favorite movie besides M:I2, The Italian Job.

Everybody! Everybody!

Alright, since it's nearing Christmas, I've been thinking about what to get my siblings. This year has been the hardest one yet, so I'm taking ideas.

He's The Man Of The Hour

Sometimes I wish I had a TV. (Oh wait, there'a TV sitting in this room. - OK, so I don't really want one.) If I had one, the only thing I'd really watch is all those cool commercials. Not that all of them are cool, but some of them are just plain ingenious.

Thank God

I have to say that I was very happy that my former roomate and his new wife said they liked my wedding present. I was highly anxious that it was going to be considered a bit inappropriate for a wedding gift, but they found it much appreciated.

For those who don't know what I'm talking about, it doesn't involve Sean Connery or Alex Trabek. But it does involve The Spanish Inquisition, the BBC, some nudity, and the TWIT of the year show.

Oh yeah, and I wrapped up a couple DVDs that I borrowed for about four months. I bet they enjoyed the present of having those back too.

Stop Presses!

Browsing through can be dangerous. On the other hand, you can stumble on some great things. For example, I just added to my wishlist the October release of The Complete Calvin and Hobbes.

Once I get that and the complete collection of FoxTrot, I won't need to read the comics in the paper anymore.

The Crackers

This was so funny I had to create a new category called "Humor".

For those of you who don't know, a couple months ago they did an art thing in NYC with the orange cloth throughout Central Park.

But Kim found this: The Crackers. Brilliant.