Taste In Movies

UPDATE: Well, apprently nobody got this post, so I'm going to try again with a bit more context. It's probably still not as fun if you have to explain it. First of all, my boss seems to love almost every action movie (except maybe the ones I like the most). He often asks me what I think of the new movie that came out the past weekend because, undoubtedly, he's already seen it. So, when he came up to me this morning, I wasn't too surprised he had seen Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, the latest action-superhero B-list movie. As you may be able to tell from the conversation below, he was rather surprised that I was not excited about the movie, and maybe even a bit more surprised that I unashamedly gave him a hard time for even thinking I'd like the movie. See, I told you it'd be boring if I had to explain it.

My Boss: So, Dan, did you see the Fantastic Four movie?
Me: (indignantly) No!
My Boss: Dan, I'm surprised you'd respond in that way.
Me: (somewhat condescendingly) That's too bad.
My Boss: Haha, nice.

My Boss: (as I was walking away) Yeah, well, it was mediocre.


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