Everybody! Everybody!

Alright, since it's nearing Christmas, I've been thinking about what to get my siblings. This year has been the hardest one yet, so I'm taking ideas.

But, of course, the process of looking for presents brings me to stuff I want. It's hard to separate the two. So, instead of giving you my "Bottom 10 Things On My Amazon.com Wishlist", I'm going to give you the wishlist of things you cannot find on Amazon.com.

strongbad_email DVDsOf course, the best place for funny stuff on the 'Net is HomestarRunner.com. Sure, I'd love a Strong Bad T-shirt or an oppertunity to Kick The Cheat, but the creme de la creme are the strongbad_email.exe DVDs. I mean, since mom and dad only have dial-up, that's the only sane way to show them the world of Coach Z and the KoT - on the TV. Plus, there's tons of bonus features. Heck, right now they even have a combo deal.

Another important thing is my collection of Phil Keaggy CDs. Not only are there bundles of CDs I would really love to add to my collection, this Christmas season there's some only '70s re-releases that I'd love to have. Way back in the day, Phil was the leader of the band Glass Harp, and their albums are remastered and on CD for a limited time only. I've priced them on eBay for months, and those CDs usually go for $30-$50 each when they're not in print.

Alright, enough shameless promotion of myself and my wishes. Oh wait, what else is a blog for?



Hey Dan. Sorry about your name not being on the list. (I edited it and you've got a shout-out now) I didn't know you were at the dress rehearsal until Rob read your email. Thanks for coming!

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