25 Reasons Why Dan is "da Man"

My three amazing sisters sent me this via e-mail for my 25th birthday. It's all true, really.

Dan is da insanely awesome man because:

  1. he can head bang like NO ONE'S business
  2. he can pull off loud outburst/singsong/theme songs to any event, anytime.
  3. its easy to know what Dan wants for lunch--meat!!
  4. Dan always has a hug for ya
  5. Dan can recognize those he loves from a mile away--layzor vision
  6. wherever Dan goes he brings his geeky t-shirts, awesome dvds, backpack, cellphone/laptop and the music, Basically.... Dan brings the party home
  7. when Dan's angry, it's like because there's crappy music playing or he has to use dial-up. basically....Dan only lets his temper fire up for good reasons.
  8. Dan loves the Lord, you can just tell, he loves christian music and loves to praise God!!
  9. Dan started gadget land---at least in my mind he did, he introduced email, dvds, ipods, laptops, and much more to me... thanks Dan, without you i would still be in the dark ages.
  10. Dan is pretty chill and just enjoys being with people
  11. He never hesitiates to treat me (well, the only exception is when I'm buying from PB loco)
  12. Dan is INCREDIBLY generous with his time - always there to help
  13. Dan sings like an angel ...a really cool angel
  14. Dan has a SUPER laugh. Usually it starts a whole crowd of people laughing. Sometimes, it leaves our sides in pain! (esp late nights playing monopoly)
  15. Dan has good taste in movies. I love that whenever it comes to Star Wars or Lord of the Rings, we always watch ALL episodes, AND we can watch the extra tracks! Dan is ALL OUT!
  16. Everyone around him just enjoys DAN. And so do I :)
  17. Dan is the best geek I know. (A very high compliment coming from the technology household) He has some mad skills.
  18. He is looking to serve the Lord in whatever ways he can. He took a step of faith and dove into the campus division! PRAISE GOD!
  19. he is an excellent body guard when it comes to crazy concerts! (especially when Dan plus me make a stellar team to mosh our way to the front of the stage!!!)
  20. Dan has the best air guitar that anyone has ever seen. Especially when it is while jumping on a trampoline and listening to some old school DC Talk a.k.a. CD Silent.
  21. Dan's friendship with others extends beyond his own need for friendship and looks out for others' needs.
  22. Dan knows where to find good food, at a nice place called Chipotle! which unfortunately does not exist in Italy =( and also at Nordstrom Cafe! (yummy)
  23. He is not afraid to shop at Patina (shriek!) or Old Navy to be a wonderful friend and brother.
  24. Dan's worship is so pure and heart-felt, that he inspires others (me, for one) to praise the Lord with every fiber of their being. (This deserved a second mention.)
  25. He is not afraid to wear whatever the heck he wants, whether 'emo' shirts of his fave band or a purplish dress shirt.

Overall, Dan is da man because he is himself, a man of God.

Yes, I refused to pay for $6 Peanut Butter sandwiches. What can I say? There wasn't any meat in 'em so they don't count as lunch!



Hippo Birdies, Dan.


That was hilarious! I laughed almost the entire time, except during the serious parts. God bless you Dan, on this, the day of your belated birthday. Check ya lata.

Totally. That's all there is to say. Totally.

Oh, and Happy Birthday Dan!

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