The Bedtime Story Movie

Lady In The Water PosterLast night we caught the late showing of Lady In The Water. Most people seemed to think it was the worst and/or funniest movie they've seen in a long time. By no means did I think it a perfect cinematic masterpiece, but I thought it was much more interesting and thought-provoking than they did.

Big, Huge, Momumental

Cars PosterThat's how Pixar rolls it.

Too Bad Nobody Reads Your Little Time Magazine

There's no denying that the movies are not as popular as they used to be. And well, everybody seems to have their reasons why. This excellent article in Time proposes that George Lucas's promotion of the digital projector could save the movie houses. But who knows? I know I'm looking forward to see V For Vendetta on the big screen sometime soon!

This Is For All The Lonely People

Yeah, I'm listening to "that cover" on the last Jars studio album. (No, not the hymns album, the other last album.) I never really liked the song, but I guess it fits pretty well with the rest of the Jars album, which is stellar.

My Ribs Are Bruised And It's Just Round Two

The last couple days I've seen a couple of movies. The first was OK, but the second was great.

So instead of spending a late work night sitting through King Kong, we went to Fun With Dick And Jane. It was pretty fun, but definitely not great. Jim Carrey is good and it was fun to see him, but it wasn't a great Jim Carrey movie. There are a lot of jokes about corporate America that started to get old by the end. Alec Baldwin plays a CEO who basically destroys a company for his own gain. He also imitates and makes jabs at Dubyah and that was funny.

It's Less Than A Smash Hit

Sure, you thought Narnia opened well? Hardly.

Like this Hollywood insider says, people are hyping today's release, King Kong, just to distract people from the real attraction, The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. If Kong is anything, it's three hours of stinkin' eye candy without any redeeming factors. Sure, that's what Lord of the Rings had, but Peter Jackson basically lost all of my respect with those movies anyways.

Just 'Cause We All Do Doesn't Mean We Have To Act Like We're In High School

Last night I got to watch Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. It was an enjoyable time. It remained true to the books and was, as always, a great visual treat. Of course, though, it was all about high school. There was a dance, guys asking them out, etc. The best part was the Quidditch World Cup, because they had a cool Olympic-style stadium for Quidditch and all, although it was a ibt short.

Little Drops of Water, Little Grains of Sand

This post is all about L.A. Last night I've watched Crash, and it got me thinking about what I know about the City of Angels. Of course, most of what I know is from movies, fom last night's movie to Collateral and many other crappier movies like Pretty Woman and A Cinderella Story. So it's a very Hollywood view.

A God-Shaped Hole In All Of Us

Alright, I finally did it. I added Infuze Mag to my favorites list on the side.

The Jungles of Life

Last night I watched The MIssion for the second time (the last time was at least six years ago). It's an amazing, powerful movie that nobody should miss.

One of the most amazing things for me was the powerful influence and work that the Jesuit order did in those days. It's amazing to think that the religious leaders could have such an influence on everyone. It makes me long for the day when we can join with the poorest of the neighborhoods in our cities and create vibrant life with them.