Muppets Do Ebert & Roeper

Disney recently took control of Jim Henson's Muppet empire, so of course they're gonna milk it as much as they can. But this new thing I don't mind: Watch Statler & Waldorf From The Balcony. The two old guys that make fun of everything from the balcony are back and weekly make fun of the movies coming out this week. They do a pretty good job of making fun of almost every single movie and include some failry intelligent moive jokes.

How To Destroy Narnia

We thought that, for once, Disney was going to do something good with the Chronicles of Narnia release. The preview looks great, the production is really high-quality, and even C. S. Lewis' son is involved heavily in the production. But, alas, I've decided that Disney is shooting themselves in the foot by using The Passion of the Christ method.

Robert Who?

Lots of people have been asking this question, and the answer definitely is Robert Randolph. If you seriously haven't checked out their rock 'n' blues jams, please do. I just picked up his Live At The Wetlands disc and he does six epic tracks in 70 minutes. It's high-quality bluesy rock.

Films and Prejudice

In the summer of 1997, I figured out that girls exist. Shortly after, in my 10th grade literature class, we were required to read the book Pride and Prejudice. Most in the class were really disappointed by the book and its femanism and romance, but I did enjoy it somewhat. I guess I got in touch with my femanine side or somethin'.

The Digital Phenomenon

So you want to know about the digital version of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith? Frankly, I could barely notice a difference. It still was great to see it again, but it wasn't really any technically more amazing, as far as I could tell. But it still makes releasing a movie really easy - all they have to do is send them a large file over the Internet or whatever.

Of course, part of the reason I probably didn't see anything different is because I'm half-blind. But oh well.

The Final Star Wars

I couldn't wait until Saturday, so I decided to get very little work done today and go to the movies. Star Wars Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith is definitely a dark film, but it does answer just about every question I've ever had about the series. People said it was pretty action-packed, and it was, but there are still some slow times where they're just talking and romancin'. And yeah, it was definitely more violent and dark than the previous films. But none of that detracted from it, I don't think.

Wanna Go To Madagascar?

You won't get that until you go see The Hitchiker's Guide To The Galaxy. But I'm not saying you have to.

The movie was fairly good. It's definitely full of the weird British humor that makes you chuckle more than laugh out loud, just like the books (or at least that's what it does to me). Martin Freeman is amazing, Mos Def is cool enough, both of Sam Rockwell's heads steal the show, and Zooey Deschanel just looks just as hot as she did in that little elf suit at a department store in that one Christmas movie with Will Farrel. ;-)

New Feature: Movies!

Alright. Now here's something new.

I put a list of movies on the site here. Look on the right to the "Pages" section to see My Movies. If you live near me, feel free to talk to me about borrowing some and we'll do it. I hope to keep it updated.

Plus, if you click on the movie, you can buy it at (and support And don't bother with asking me, "How do you like this or that movie, Dan?" Just don't. I own it, so I must like it, right?

Toy Story 3 eh, Watered Down?

Although it's not been officially confirmed, it looks like they've chosen a director for the Pixar-less Toy Story 3. Let's hope it's not true. According to IMDB, the only "movies" this guy has directed is The Lion King 1½, The Hunchback of Notre Dame II, and Pocahontas II. With all that to his credit, they'd probably get a better result if the movie didn't have a director.

Wallace and Gromit Trailer

Stop Presses! You just have to head over and see the Wallace and Gromit Trailer. It looks smashing!