MetroTransit and Ambiguity

I was leaving the light rail platform and noticed for the third time today a new MetroTransit ad affixed to the entrance of the platform. Check it out:

 Safety is a Shared Responsiblity - MetroTransit

Apparently it's not marketed at me, because it makes no sense. As much as I can figure, it seems they're saying that they don't have bridges that collapse. Or something. If it makes sense to you, maybe you can enlighten me.

UPDATE: Here's some new information I found.



What they are really saying?

Don't blame us, blame yourselves.

It's the logic of failed leadership. If something goes wrong it's because you took a chance. If something goes right it's because they are so smart.
Since the message, "shared responsibility", is aimed at "the public", and technically they are part of "the public" as well, they don't really have any responsibility.

There are similar problems in public schools. The myth of public ownership provides a fertile ground for bureaucrats who don't want the responsibility of ownership.

did you take that from you phone?

I don't think it has anything to do with the bridge. I think it's aimed at people who go to bars/clubs, telling them "Don't have a designated driver. Take MetroTransit, so that you can 'share' the responsaibility." That's what I would get from this ad, which I agree is ambiguous and not a good ad.

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