SPOILER ALERT! Do not follow the link if you want to go see the movie with no idea what will happen!

A fan has compiled many reports and shots from different sources to give us a look at Star Wars Episode III. It looks really cool, and I can't wait until it really is here.


Well, That's That

Earlier this afternoon I had an interview. I don't exactly know how it went, but at only 30 minutes it seemed kinda short.

Oh well, I trust that I'll get the right thing at the right time. I tried my best, and if this job doesn't work out, it won't be the end of the world. (Well, the end of the world might come, but it won't be because of my job interview.)



It only took three or four days for the comment spammers to find my site... they do a pretty good job.

Well, hopefully we can stay ahead of them now that I added a comment spam filter to my system. If it gets really bad, I suppose I could have y'all register to make comments, but I doubt that's ever gonna happen.

So, if you see a comment for something weird, don't bother clicking on it. It's probably comment spam anyways.


Gotta Be Creative

That's right. One of the reasons I got this blog was so I could be creative and play around with the design. So I've spent a bunch of this afternoon and came up with this. I'm not sure it's as cool as that default, but it gets more points because it's not the default. If you're reading this blog in FireFox or another standards-compliant browser (mostly just not IE), you should see a cool watermark thingy at the bottom of your page.

Probably the coolest part is that I only changed some CSS information to get from the last look to this one. Of course, that might change if I decide to lay out the whole thing completely weird. Or something...

I guess the color scheme is a large shout-out to my peeps at UST.


Job Prospects

Well, either the market for IT jobs is picking up or God is finally saying it's time for me to get a job. ;-)

Yesterday I was told from a friend that works at a local tech company that I will be getting an interview with them. He should know, because his cousin is the HR guy in charge. Plus, I feel I have a chance because a couple other people that I know work there. The best part is that they're developing the latest wireless internet technology, so it's a good industry to be in.

And then, this morning I found a position that looked pretty good and just submitted my resumé for it. I didn't think that anything would come of it (because nothing has come of submitting resumés for the last six months anyways), but an hour or two later the HR person called me back and I have an interview for Wednesday afternoon.

Please pray that these go well and that I end up at the right spot through all of this.


The best picture nominees nobody's seen

The best picture nominees nobody's seen

Yeah, no kidding. Everyone's been saying this, but now somebody proves it's true. I haven't seen any of those films, but then again, who cares about the Oscars? Obviously nobody, but just in case anybody was wondering, even this year's host, Chris Rock, knows nobody (important) watches the Oscars.

And in other news, today's exactly three months before the release of Star Wars: Revenge Of The Sith. So why aren't you in line yet?



OK, this is the new home of da Blog. Hope you enjoy!

Oh yeah, my old blog is at Xanga so catch up if you like. ;-)