New From Coldplay

X&Y - ColdplayToday I went out and picked up the new release from Coldplay: X&Y. And believe me, it's worth the $10 if you at all liked their first two albums.

The Return Of Furious?

For those who do not know, here's a bit of background. About ten years ago the band delirious? was formed, and along with them their independent label, Furious? Records. Currently, Furious? Records and it's Fierce! Distribution deliver all the best Christian music to the UK marketplace. A couple years ago Furious?

Lovin' The Elms

I just have to mention that I now have gotten to the point where I have to listen to The Elms' Myspace page every couple days. Those new songs are killer. You should listen too.

Music Update

OK, here's what I've been checkin' out lately:

The latest from Mae, The Everglow, is really good. Great songwriting and a cohesive album with great packaging. Too bad most don't have that these days.

Quality Product

 The Elms Live In IndianaToday I finally got my copy of Burn The Fields: The Elms Live In Indiana. For those who don't know about The Elms, I highly suggest you check these boys out. They're some of the best new rock 'n' rolll available today.

An Interview?

Hmmmm..... one of my friends wants to know if I want to do an interview with Copeland, a band that's coming to town this weekend.

I don't know about my interview skills, but I think I might just try....

Plus, it gives me an excuse to buy a Griffin iTalk for my iPod so that I can record the conversation... and I'd probably get free concert tickets.

Gotta Get Your Phil

Whoa! I can't believe that I've gone a month with this blog and my links didn't include one to Phil Keaggy. That's just crazy!

For those who don't know of Phil, he's the most amazing guitarist I've ever seen on an acoustic, and he does pretty good on the electric too.

An Exciting New Local Band

Hey all,

A couple of my friends have started a band! My friends Andy and Hugh have started a band with brothers Rich and Joe Larson. (For those of you who were at camp last summer, you may remember Rich playing guitar for us a bit - he's phenomenal.)