Have Your Paste And Eat It Too

According to an e-mail from, the upcoming issue of my favorite magazine has a killer sampler. Not only does Paste Issue 20 have a Sufjan Stevens track, but the gem is a track from the forthcoming full-length from Mute Math. Sure, all of us who are avid Mute Math fans have been watching the "Chaos" video for months (if not years), but it'll be great to finally have the studio version on my iPod.

So Be Afraid, For He Is Coming

"OK, music man, so what's the latest big thing in music today?"

Don't worry, I have your answer. If you're a podcaster, don't worry, they're not on the big labels ...yet.

I Know How To Break A Man

Yeah, she surely did that. And now Gotee Records wants to take that papercut and pour lemon juice on it ...again.

1997! (Oh Wait, It's 2005)

"Just let it go..." Some say I'm stuck in the 90s.

I've been listening to Take Me To Your Leader and I thought it would be fun to listen to music from 1996 and 1997 only today. There's a lot of quality stuff in there from Rebecca St. James, Jars of Clay, the first Switchfoot album, the breakout of delirious?, etc.

I'll tell you how it was later. Maybe tomorrow I'll do a day full of music from the 80s...

Sky Falls Down, It Tumbles Into The Sea

Is this the begnning of the end for me?

In a couple weeks, the world will see the latest release from my all-time favorite band, delirious?, which is titled The MIssion Bell. I'm hoping it's better than World Service and hearkens back to their old stuff a bit more, but we'll see.

What Are Good Boys Doin' In A Rock 'n' Roll Band?

This is amazing. Rolling Stone has an great, very in-depth interview with Bono. He talks about his roots, his faith, and much more. It explains those many reasons that I love U2, even if my weird roomates think they're crap.

I'm Walking Away, I Hear You Call My Name

Mat Kearney PhotoLast night I made it to a show of Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers. They were pretty entertaining but very annoying, but the main reason I went was to see the opening act. Mat Kearney hit the stage with just his acoustic guitar, but that did not detract from his set at all.

This Is What You Need

I just need to make a couple lists.

Artists I Need More CDs From:

Don't Dub A Tape, You Can Go To The Store

Hey folks, now burning music is legal! No, it's still not legit to use LimeWire, it's only legal to burn CDs at Sam Goody.

Yeah, the mall music chain is trying to create a space where they can still sell CDs at prices 30% higher than Best Buy. So their store at The Mall now has a bunch of computer terminals in the middle of the store. They're marked with "CD Burning" everywhere. But what does that mean from a legit standpoint?

I Know Ohio, The Back Roads

Sufjan Stevens PhotoEver heard of this man? His name is Sufjan Stevens. If he's not on your musical radar, it seems he soon will be.