The Solution

It's really easy to get down about tragedies like what happened at Virgina Tech last week, but, thankfully, there is a solution to all those problems. Here my friend Rus lays out the answer for a group of students in Indianapolis:

What Is Church?

Shaun Groves is an artist I have seen play a couple times and also talked with one of those times... briefly. I always thought the guy was great and his message was great, but (sorry, Shaun) I never really got into his soft-rock sound. Then, a year or two ago, I discovered Shaun's blog and then begins the real liking of the guy. He knows plenty about the music industry and seems knowledgeable about just about everything else.

The People of Praise, Businesses, and Housing

Yesterday there were a couple interesting meetings in the People of Praise in addition to the weekly meeting. It was a great testimony to our desire to live even more in common with each other. Members of our branch talked about doing life more in common through living closer together and working together on small business ventures. It was a great time to talk to members of the People of Praise that I rarely get to see. I hope to hear even more about it in the future.

The State of the World

My Grandpa was talking about this and he said he got this from his brother, who is possibly the most knowledgeable man I know about business. It's an Open Letter to CEOs entitled What In The World Is Going On?: A Global Intelligence Briefing to CEOs. Apparently it's going around mostly by e-mail, but I did find a copy of it at a blog site.

People of Praise and Blogging

OK, so this one's more like two topics. First, yesterday TJ posted and interesting link to a documentary about the blogosphere. It was an interesting look at the people that make up blogs and how blogs have changed the landscape of news. (Man, if I would've found that strike blog I would have felt a lot more connected.) The video's embedded below the jump.

People of Praise Member Blogs

The number of People of Praise members with an online presence has been growing immensely. And now, we have a way to track it. Justin has created a tag called peopleofpraisemember. It's a great way to keep in the know of the latest of many people throughout the community.

Vine & Branches Now Online

Vine & Branches Feb 07 CoverFor many years and even more so for the past year, Vine & Branches has been the newsletter for the People of Praise.

The Community Section

No, the "Community" section is not like the "Community" section of your local newspaper. That's call the "Mass Transit" section on this blog (talk about politics based on only one issue!).