The Community Section

No, the "Community" section is not like the "Community" section of your local newspaper. That's call the "Mass Transit" section on this blog (talk about politics based on only one issue!).

I've been very surprised recently at how many people have been interested and talking about Christian Community in the circles I sometimes intersect with. Of course, being a member of a Christian Community can help that, but sometimes I think our Christian community is a bit lonesome. It's great to see others putting life in common, sharing life, and bringing Christ to others. Hopefully this section will promote discussion of what Community is, what the People of Praise is, and more.

Disclaimer: I am a covenanted member of the People of Praise but am by no means a spokesperson for the People of Praise. I am just a person trying to figure out what living life in common is all about. By no means is anything I say about People of Praise the community-wide doctrine; it is merely my opinion.

One of my favorite independent artists, Andrew Osenga, posted a great testament to his community on his blog. It was a delight to hear about the close-knit group of friends who were with each other through thick and thin. Of course, he also mentions Geof F. Morris, who seems to be near the center of almost every thriving Christian community online.



Hardly! But thanks for the kind words. :)

gfmorris = bigtime!

Bryan Allain = the giant on whose shoulders I stand.

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