Why Go See Ratatouille?

Ratatouille Movie PosterIf you had asked me in January what one movie I was looking forward to this year, I may have thought about it for a minute, but there's no doubt the answer would be Ratatouille. Some people have asked why that is, so here's my reasons:

  • It looks funny, exciting, and really tasty.
  • It's about a rat who becomes the greatest chef in Paris. I mean, how does that work?
  • It's a Pixar movie. Their track record of amazing (or at least very good) films includes Toy Story, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, and Cars.
  • It's written and directed by Brad Bird, the guy who wrote and directed The Incredibles, one of the best movies of the last five years.
  • Even the critics like it, much like many Pixar movies before this one.
  • Finally, just watch this movie trailer. Use the one below or watch it in better quality:

    Doesn't it look beautiful (and even on YouTube)?

I'm a Pixar fanatic because I love quality animated movies, so that's all I really need to get me there. If you live in the neighborhood, I'm going to see it tonight (Saturday night), so give me a call if you want to join us. It should be a great time.



Dan - did you like it?? I'm interested!!
Also, have you seen Pirates III or are you a Die Hard fan? just curious :)

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