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Why You Should Watch "Person of Interest"

Note: The following article contains mild spoilers about the television show "Person of Interest". The spoilers only reveal much of what is fleshed out in the pilot and the first few episodes as well as the general direction the show goes over it's run so far. If you are averse to spoilers, then suffice it to say that I think you should at least watch the first half of the first season to get a good feel for the show.

Photo of Reese and Finch at a bank of computer screens

Blue Like Jazz, Christianity, and the Movies

Blue Like Jazz Movie PosterOver eight years ago, a young man named Donald Miller released a soon-to-be bestseller, Blue Like Jazz: Non-Religious Thoughts on Christian Spirituality. I read it a couple months ago, and I found it to be a non-conventional set of reflections on what God, Christianity, and religion is in this modern world.

How NBC and Warner Killed "Chuck"

A couple years ago, I watched the Pilot of "Chuck", a TV show where a common computer geek gets a supercomputer installed in his brain. It's got geek references, real spies, and lots of fun. It's equal parts drama, comedy, and action, sometimes even a couple of those in the same scene. I haven't seen a tone of television in my years, but it's easily my favorite show currently on television. But that won't last for long, because the show's finale is just over a week away.

Netflix's Big Gamble

This morning, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings took what may possibly be the biggest gamble of his life. Netflix has been a successful company for over a decade, starting as a DVD-rental-by-mail service since 1998. Ten years later, they started offering streaming of movies and TV shows over the Internet, no longer requiring the DVD-by-mail. In the last six months or so, some Internet statistics companies (which are a bit spurious) claimed that as much as 40% of prime-time Internet traffic was Netflix Instant traffic.

Apple's iPod Refresh & iTunes Ping

As usual, every fall Apple debuts a new line of iPods to wow the kids and parents into getting new iPods. And, of course, this year was no exception. On Wednesday, September 1st, Steve Jobs and many from the Apple crew showed the press their latest products at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in downtown San Francisco, CA. And as expected, the iPods were updated with cooler, newer features and a couple other new products were announced as well.

Apple's New iPad: A Bigger iPod touch

Yesterday morning Apple Inc. went ahead and showed the world their newest gadget, the iPad.  In pretty much every way, it is just an oversize iPod touch, but Apple hopes you will think it's much more than that.

Apple iPad Photo

Marvel To Acquire Disney, Fan Worry Largely Unfounded

This morning it was announced that Marvel Entertainment is to be acquired by Walt Disney Corp. for $4 Billion. Many of my friends, as well as myself, seem to be a bit worried and skeptical about the future of their favorite Marvel characters. But, upon thinking about it more and more, I think this is a sound business decision and Disney will likely handle it well.

Robin Parrish's Offworld

Although I'm sure I'm not much younger than Robin Parrish, I feel like I grew up with Robin Parrish's work. In the earlier days of the Internet, Robin Parrish was one of the leading journalists covering the Christian music scene on the Internet with his site on At a time when I was running my own, much less successful Christian music site, I read his insightful reviews and commentary constantly. When I graduated from high school, Robin was doing stuff that he was more interested in, covering movies, novels, and comic books with an even more undying fervor.

UP & Digital 3-D Technology

UP Movie PosterFirst of all, yesterday I went out and saw Pixar's latest film, Up, and it was a blast. As usual, the cartoony but more-and-more realistic-looking animation was superb. The plotline was very touching at points but still contained enough eye candy and silly jokes ot keep everyone on the edge of their seat and laughing.

Dollhouse: Hipster or Creeper Sci-Fi?

First, let me preface this post with some information about my television watching habits. I've never owned a TV in the almost 9 years since I moved out of my parent's house. Most of that time, there hasn't even been a TV set in the house, although for a year or two a roommate had a TV tuner card for his PC. For a couple months I had cable with all the trimming, and all I really watched was reruns of Seinfeld, The Simpsons, and Cosby while making lunch or dinner.

My Top 5 Movies of 2008

OK, so I thought about writing a Top 5 Movies of 2008, but after thinking about it, I decided it was hypocritical for me to do so. You see, in looking at most movies released in 2008, I guess I've only seen 20 of them to date. Considering IMDB has over 18,000 titles listed for 2008, I feel my Top 5 would be a bit limited.

Pixar and Nintendo Saving the World? Heck Yes!

Since I have nothing exciting to post at the moment, why not just copy stuff from someone else's blog? Here's some from a great post by my friend, Joe:
Because that’s what this movie is about: WALL-E is the protector of EVE and the life she carries inside of her. It’s one of the most beautiful — and perhaps unexpected — metaphors for life, and the role of a husband to protect his wife and family, that I’ve ever seen.

Summer Blockbusters and Speed Racer

If there's anything I've learned in the last year, it's that everyone I know thinks I'm totally insane. Well, at least anyone who asks my opinion about movies. So, for those of you who think I'm off my rocker, enjoy this next little bit. If you still think I know something about movies, feel free to learn a bit or two.

Of Lions, Rings, and Harry at the Movies

Over the past day, I've enjoyed the three to four hours it took me to read Prince Caspian, the second book of the Chronicles of Narnia series (if you count them correctly). It had been a long time since I read it, but I really enjoyed the experience of a good children's fantasy book, which I haven't had since last summer's Harry Potter tome. Narnia is a great, wild world, and Lewis also brings a rich history of characters and exciting landscapes to each and every book.

Stardust: Fairy Tales Gone Wrong

Director Matthew Vaughn started out producing Guy Ritchie's hits Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch, then decided to try his own hand at directing with Layer Cake, a somewhat intriguing crime film starring the up-and-coming Daniel Craig. His most recent production, Stardust, is a case study in many of the vices of today's modern film.

The Dark Knight

This past weekend in theaters before I Am Legend there was the exclusive preview for The Dark Knight, next summer's sequel to Batman Begins. The trailer has now surfaced online, and it's pretty exciting. Here's what my friends had to say:

Josh: preview = awesome

Joe: dude yes!

David: uh huh
2008 is finally on its way
about stinking time

Colleen: DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reaction: Ratatouille

My sister asked what I thought about Ratatouille, so I thought I'd give my thoughts. Overall, I wouldn't say it was the best Pixar movie ever, but it was definitely up to the Pixar quality.

This Week In Movies

So, well, this week was quite the exciting week for movies and, well, Lisa asked.

Kids Eat Paste

Hey, friends, anyone want a subscription to Paste magazine? It's pretty darn cheap.- 11 issues for $15. Contact me if you're interested. Remember that each issue comes with a 20-song sampler CD and tons of musically-informed reading.

A Preview For Your Consideration

If you're a fan of Christopher Guest's movies (A Mighty Wind, Best In Show and Waiting For Guffman), then you gotta check this out. This trailer for For Your Consideration is the preview for his new movie. It looks like a fun bash on Hollywood and all its craziness. I enjoyed it. You should too.