The Switchfoot Tour Shirt

Today's shirt is the Switchfoot tour shirt:

It's a pretty nice shirt.  I don't usually buy those shirts with all the tour dates on them, because it severely dates the shirt.  However, this one was a bit better because it just lists the cities and not the dates, plus it had the coolest front of any of their shirts.

I got this shirt at last fall's St. Paul, MN stop of the Appetite for Construction tour.  I remember enjoying this show alot because Relient K played for a good hour or more and it was so good that I almost forgot that I still had Switchfoot left to go.  Of course, Switchfoot brought just as much excitement, variety, and rock 'n' roll as Relient K, if not more.  It was a great tour and a great pairing of some of my favorite bands.

Also, it became another meetup of one of my friends, Kim, who works a lot on the website.  Kim started helping out at what was then in 2001 by doing our first interview with Switchfoot, and she's been doing interviews ever since.  She was in town to visit family last fall when the Appetite for Construction tour came through, so she joined me for the concert.  It was fun to hang out and enjoy some live music again, something we hadn't done since we finally met in person in April 2006.  Without Kim's constant help, there definitely wouldn't be a website.

Kim also encouraged me to get a really cool book of photos taken by one of Switchfoot's roadies, and she even introduced me to the photographer and we got it signed by them.  Then, after that, i decided to go through the signing line after I found this hilarious poster and absolutely needed to get it signed:

For those who have not seen Wes Anderson's The Royal Tenenbaums, this photo is a parody of a photo of the characters from that movie.  Throughout the photo, each member of Switchfoot is represented one or more times.  It's hilarious!



Yeah, well, you just have to keep reading the blog and you'll learn how to pick out cool shirts. ;-)

That's funny - I'd choose the shirt with dates on it over the alternative, because I like stuff more for it's ability to remind me of memories than for any other aesthetic value.

Hey, where did you get 'The Switchfoots' poster? I've been trying to sell mine and I have a signed copy, but I can't seem to find any online, or the origin of the poster at all.

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