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'Cause I'm A Travelin' Man

Dang, I forgot about how much your muscles like to hurt after working out. (Well, at least the first couple weeks after not working out for a long time.)

Today a new runway opened at the airport. I checked it out during lunch... the planes weren't that loud outside and our building is soundproofed.

An hour later, a bunch of large planes came by that sounded fairly loud inside my building. Those were the ones I was trying to see on lunch break! Just now, about two came overhead in two minutes.


You Know What To Do, Hey You Just...

So, today I did it. I got up and did the PT. It was glorious.

Alright, I got it! For inspiration to keep workin' on PT, I offer the music video for "Move". It's truly inspirational. I love that M. Night-style twist towards the end there too.


Sky Falls Down, It Tumbles Into The Sea

Is this the begnning of the end for me?

In a couple weeks, the world will see the latest release from my all-time favorite band, delirious?, which is titled The MIssion Bell. I'm hoping it's better than World Service and hearkens back to their old stuff a bit more, but we'll see.

However, there's a scary wrinkle in it that I just noticed. One of the songs features a guest appearance by former dc Talk member TobyMac. And noting his recent track record with albums and over-saturation on Christian music compilations, I'm not sure I'm looking forward to rap on a delirious? album. It's too bad their USA label got to the band that easily. For more info, check out the official unofficial delirious? site.


What Are Good Boys Doin' In A Rock 'n' Roll Band?

This is amazing. Rolling Stone has an great, very in-depth interview with Bono. He talks about his roots, his faith, and much more. It explains those many reasons that I love U2, even if my weird roomates think they're crap.

One of my roommates was saying that the band is "too political". Well, sure, they're political, but I wouldn't say they're too political. They're at least social justice minded, but it's not like they take their politics to an extreme. Besides, it takes some guts to have somewhat political views, and most seem to refuse to do it. In other words, I respect political opinons.


Little Drops of Water, Little Grains of Sand

This post is all about L.A. Last night I've watched Crash, and it got me thinking about what I know about the City of Angels. Of course, most of what I know is from movies, fom last night's movie to Collateral and many other crappier movies like Pretty Woman and A Cinderella Story. So it's a very Hollywood view.

I guess the biggest thing is that SoCal folks just wait in traffic too much. Apparently half of life takes place on the freeway. And that's not cool. I wonder if there's much of a public transportation system, because the movies don't talk about anything but taxis.

Secondly, besides that one house up on the hill where John Reuben shot the press photos for Hindsight, it's al flat. And there's no cool trees or nothin - it looks almost as inviting as Nebraska.

The biggest one is that everybody seems to be a self-conceited jerk. Now I know where Tom Cruise gets his attitude from. Life in L.A. seems to be all about how life sucks. And, well, that's not something I can really identify with.

So what did I think of the movie half my friends claimed was the best movie of the year? Frankly, I thought Crash sucked. The music was just high-pitched whining. It was supposed to feel like real life, but when the same five characters get in more problems that all the summer's action movies combined, you know it's not real life. It's just the most pessimistic view of real life that anyone could make up. Plus, it had more characters and plot twists than Mission: Impossible and it was pretty darn hard to figure out what was going on.

If you want to make a movie about L.A., I'd reccomend just doing a highly stylized version of L.A., something like Pulp Fiction. At least that wasn't completely depressing.

In other movie news, check out new trailers for The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe and Underworld: Evolution. That movie was a bit weird, but I liked it. The sad part is that Kevin Grevioux, who came up with the first movie and is a Christian, isn't listed on IMDB for the new one. I hope he's still involved and it just doesn't become a mindless action movie.


Turn Me Up, Man, Let It Surround Them

No, it's not 1996. It's not even 2002. It's 2005. But let's give the soundman room to turn the music up.

My latest fetish are from a rather academic company called Etymotic Research. Mostly, they research technologies for audio in the ear, mostly hearing aids. But they also have started manufacturing amazing products for the audio quality nerds in the hizouse.

Etymotic Earphones with iPodLook at those beauts. The sound gets right down into your ear, and from what I'm told, it really works. Many geeks on many podcasts swear by these things when they want something for portable listening with their iPod. Everybody seems to think they sound amazing (like one of my favorite spots, iLounge), and I believe it.

Besides cool headphones, apparently they also sell high-quality earpplugs. I think I need a set of those. With the stupid foam earplugs, it just sounds like somebody's muffling the sound. With these, reportedly, it just lessens the sound, not make it sound that you're listening to it through a speaker covered with a pillow.

Yes, mom, I want to save my hearing. But it comes at a cost: these things are expensive. But you can get me some $25 earplugs for Christmas if you like, really.


I'm Walking Away, I Hear You Call My Name

Mat Kearney PhotoLast night I made it to a show of Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers. They were pretty entertaining but very annoying, but the main reason I went was to see the opening act. Mat Kearney hit the stage with just his acoustic guitar, but that did not detract from his set at all.

Mat kept the small audience engaged, had a more raw delivery during the songs, and played a half hour of great tunes. During a couple songs, he did freestyle verses about Minneapolis, some of the sights in the neighborhood, and the drive through Wisconsin to get here. It was awesome.

Afterwards, I got to chat with Mat a bit. We thanked each other for our interview, I tried to get info about the upcoming re-release without pressuring him (all I really got was that it will be February), and we tried to decide about the headlining band. It was cool.


Why Is It, My Man?

I just think it's funny that when I talk about life or computers or something, I get somebody to comment. But when I talk about music or things like that, probably nobody reads it.

Of course, I know why. I listen to a sector of music that not many people listen to, at least not you guys. I have some friends who write for who like similar music, but if they do visit this blog, they're pretty quiet.

I'm still thinking of making a change in that area. We'll see if the podcast actually happens, but I sure hope it does.


This Is What You Need

I just need to make a couple lists.

Artists I Need More CDs From:

Artists I Need To Listen To More:

For a list of music I've been listning to a lot, check out my page.


This Is What You Want

iPod with video photoMy sister thought I hadn't heard about it since I did not post it yet, but that's just becaue I've been too busy. Of course I knew all about the iPods, although I haven't watched all of the Keynote yet.

Apple has once again rasied the bar in electronics. Many thought they would not release the iPod with video until their current product started declining in sales. Many thought they wouldn't release it just weeks after the release of the iPod nano. But now, Apple has shown they're raising the bar yet again.

Not only does it play video on its small screen, the video quality is just about the same quality that you can play on your TV. Oh, and if you buy some cables, you can play it on your TV too. Oh wait, was I talking about TV? Yeah, you can now purchase TV shows for $1.99 at the iTunes (Music?) Store now. U2 on a iPod (Too bad I haven't watched TV in years and would rather get DVDs.) Also, besides thousands of music videos and TV shows, they have Pixar's short films for download too. (If you've never seen Geri's Game, you gotta watch it.) I'll look at the new iPod next week, and I might have to change my opinion.

Anways, so what's next for Apple? It's definitely world domination. All Apple has to do is start selling Mac OS X for my Dell machine and their already high-performing stock will be even better.