Internet Marketing/SEO A Drupal Weekend Project

I love microblogging and the social medias.  I'm always looking for little social media experiments as well.  Besides this blog, I'm always thinking up other ways to drum up interested readers, inform readers, and give out my opinions.  Of course, one of those genres that I love commenting on is movies and the crazyness of Hollywood.

The Downside of RSS

Here's a little story of something that's happened recently.  In the end, it goes mostly to making sure that the webmaster of the sites did his homework, but maybe I'm supposed to remember things better, I don't know.

How Well Does Google AdSense Target?

So, about a week ago, I was browsing Digg and said to myself, "Oh nice, Google's showing me a Chipotle text ad! How did they know I loved the large burritos so much? Do they know I have a T-Shirt?" After looking at it a bit more, I said, "Hmm... I wonder where this new location it mentions is?" Here's an image version of the ad on

Chipotle Ad on

Blogging and "Google Juice"

A book I recently read, Naked Conversations, talks all about the benefits of blogging, and specifically blogging in the corporate world. It was a great read, and maybe someday I'll review the book. But the point I wanted to mention is that the book says blogs get "Google Juice". This "Google Juice" seems to be some brand of magic that makes blogs much more visible on the next and highly ranked by search engines. And, my, do I have an example.