The Drupal Pumpkin

This morning at work, we found small pumpkins on our desk. During our staff meeting, we were told to increase our humility by drawing on these pumpkins. After a couple minutes of thinking about it, I decided doing a pumpkin based on the Druplicon, the Drupal logo/mascot. My major disappointment was that the pumpkin did not have a small stalk at the top, but here it is:



I wondered if I had misinterpreted what you were saying. Joys of the Internet, eh?

Thanks for posting Kim's/my interview with Sintax at inReview. And happy Canadian Thanksgiving, dude.

How does making a Druplicon out of a pumpkin increase your humility? I'm not mocking the exercise, or your artwork. I'm just a bit confused.

Let's just say this. Some of us are graphic designers and some of us are programmers, but the best at doing this type of drawing is the customer service manager.

I see. Well, it doesn't look bad. A very capable job, Danno.

Do you work for a Christian software company?

Sorry... do you work for a "software company made up primarily of Christians that does not wish to be identified as a Christian software company"?

I keep forgetting how defensive people are about labels.

I'm not too defensive on that, but at least a good amount of us are Christians, including the owner. However, the "lesson in humility" take on the exercise was definitely my own assessment of the situation, not an expressed opinion of the management.

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