MetroTransit's GoTo Card Finally Out of Beta!

And people thought that Windows Vista took forever. About four years ago, I saw a green GoTo Card reader on a MetroTransit bus and asked a bus driver what that was. He said they were introducing a new kind of SuperSaver in time for the launch of the Hiawatha Light Rail line. Just this month, the GoTo Card has finally come out for public use, even though I've been using one for most of a year.

The system works much better than the flimsy paper SuperSaver passes they've been using for a long time. Although they say the GoTo Cards will cost $5, right now they'll give 'em to you for free if you put $20 on them. Like the SuperSavers, every $10 you buy comes with $1 of free value on it to encourage use over change and bills. The card just needs a quick swipe over the pad to transfer data, so it's nice and quick. You can reload the card with value via any Light Rail fare machine or via the GoTo Card Website. Plus, it can also handle monthly passes as well. For the last 9 months or so, I've been using the card, and maybe for the past 6 months, I've been using the monthly pass without a hitch even though nobody officially said I could as a part of the early test group. ;-)

I thought that they spent some money doing some kinda fun ideas of ads to put on the light rail stations. These ads are stuck underfoot on the light rail platform and liken the GoTo Card to other common items. Too bad the website is so boring (and only viewable over an SSL connection for no reason).

 Works on Contact

 Unlimited Refills

 Maximum Riding Power



Makes me wish I could ride the bus. If it gets you where you want to go within a reasonable time, it is a pretty cost effective way to get around. I liked riding the bus to work when I worked downtown Minneapolis. Just parked at an Eagan park n ride, and read books and other stuff while riding.

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