Apple Stores And Lynch Mobs

I talked to an Apple employee at the local Apple store today. I was chatting with him about the Apple TV YouTube experience and how I was disappointed that I couldn't find the Mute Math "Typical" video on there. He said they were converting 10,000 videos every week to to the QuickTime format for use on Apple TV and iPhones, I think. What a waste, because we really want Flash on Safari anyways, you silly Apple idealists!

Anyways, he asked me if I was going to be there on Friday. I told him no, thinking about giving an excuse but deciding to leave it at that. I replied with, "Well, I suppose you - and all the other employees - are going to be here." He nodded in agreement and said he didn't yet completely know his work schedule for this weekend yet because they hadn't scheduled it yet. As he was walking away, I told him to have a fun time, to which he responded, "Yeah, well, watch the news and see if any of us get killed."

Well, at least they seem to be ready for the worst, I guess.



Yeah, especially if they did the Apollo framework, which would allow offline apps in the browser similar to what Google Gears does.

Seriously. Just get flash working. There could be twice the number of web apps if they allowed flash.

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